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I must admit, I do love spending the day with all the pretty little horses!  This weekend (Sunday Fun-day September 11th, 2016) Let’s Run Seoul and the Korean Racing Authority present the Korea Cup 2016.  This event invitation, extended exclusively to foreigners in Korea (Waygooks, rejoice!), means free entry into this international event!  Jockeys from around the world will compete for ultimate glory (and cash, of course), and global food services will set up offering nibbles from around the world at low prices.  If you find me, I’ll get you a beer!

The Toronto Seoulcialite Sunday Funday Day at the Races

The Toronto Seoulcialite Sunday Funday Day at the Races

You may remember a few months ago when I spent the weekend at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel for the KRA’s new Off-track Betting Lounge opening.  The KRA graciously invited the crew of Bloggers and Travel/ Lifestyle Writers back, but this time to the actual racetrack in advance of next weekend’s event!

When we arrived at Seoul Racecourse Park station we took exit 2 and turned left.  Once we got to the gold statue, we were greeted for a tour of the facilities.  When you arrive at the gold statue make sure to take a left to get into the racetrack viewing, betting, and eating areas!

We had a pretty special time hanging out with the horses (and the aggressive ponies – they’re biters!).  I reminisced with K about riding horses back in the day, and made some new equine friends!

We totally got the VIP experience as guests of the KRA Let’sRun Park Seoul.  We were treated to a delicious bulgogi dinner, and got to watch the races from a fancy box which made me feel like I was in a combination of Vegas and Sarasota.  The girls got to gabbing and betting, and some of us actually won, too!  Refer back to my OTB post for my “Horse Betting for Dummies” clues.

After betting on a few races up in the VIP box, we ventured down to the 3rd floor where we were able to have some beers and chill out in the Party Area.  This zone conveniently located beside the track had LED furniture, a DJ, and an MC organizing events.  There was a beer-drinking competition, a dance competition, and a hacky-sac contest, too.  We had a blast being the silly waygookin table, although I didn’t love that he assumed none of us spoke Korean (and poked fun at us constantly).  This weekend make sure to join us at the Seoul Racetrack in Gwacheon for the Korea Cup 2016.  I’ll be there directly after the Girl Gone International – Seoul Brunch at Guilty Pleasure in Itaewon!

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  1. star lengas says:

    I haven’t been to the racetrack in ages, so I’m super keen to attend the event this weekend. Hopefully I can pet a horse but if not I’ll take you up on the beer offer. Also you look lovely in the blue dress!

    1. Kate says:

      Thanks! Not sure what to wear this weekend!

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