Québec Bucket List: 7 Must-See Places


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Located in the eastern part of Canada, Québec is the largest of Canada’s provinces, constituting almost one-sixth of the country’s total area. Its 8 million people population is second only to Ontario. Québec City, the capital of Québec, is the largest and one of the oldest cities in Canada. The province’s name, Québec (since the early 17th century), is an Mi’kmaq word “k’webeq” meaning that means ‘where the waters narrow’.

If you plan on going on a trip to Canada, you may want to consider visiting Québec . This Canadian province has a mix of historical and natural wonders, not to forget great hotels with amazing cuisines. With many destinations to pick from in Québec , any traveller can get overwhelmed. Here is a list of destinations that you should visit in Québec .

Mount Pinacle

If you love hiking with friends and family, Mount Pinacle in Québec is the place to be. Standing at 665 meters above ground level, hiking on this mountain allows you to view some of the prettiest landscapes in the region. Walking through the forest would bring you to a sheer cliff where you can have an incredible view of the countryside (including those in the U.S). After your hike, you can take a quick swim at Lake Lyster, located near the foot of the mountain.

Manicouagan River

Often referred to as Manic, the Manicouagan River is located in Québec’s Cote-Nord region. The 200km river originates from the Manicouagan Reservoir and empties into Saint Lawrence River. Apart from housing one of the biggest dams in the world (Daniel-Johnson dam), the Manicouagan River also has the longest snowmobile bridge in North America. It is, therefore, a perfect destination for people interested in snowmobiling during the holiday.

Mont-Mégantic National Park

Located about 15km north of the border between Canada and the U.S, Mont-Mégantic National Park has the highest peaks in the Eastern townships. At 1,102 meters, the summit of Mont-Mégantic is the highest point accessible by car in Québec. The national park is home to one of the largest public observatories in the world, Mont Mégantic observatory. This Astrolab offers tours, where you can view planets and stars.

The Montreal Botanical Garden

Located right beside the Olympic Stadium and a few minutes from downtown, the Montréal Botanical Garden houses over 22000 plant species and cultivars. At this botanical garden, you get a chance to smell and enjoy the view of a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, making it an excellent place for a day trip with your family.

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Montmorency Falls Park

A few minutes’ drive from Québec City, you will come across Montmorency Falls Park. At 83 m, this waterfall is more than one and a half times higher than Niagara Falls. Some of the activities you can engage in at Montmorency Falls Park are riding a gondola up to the top, hiking on any of the three trails for different views and zip lining across the falls.

The Saguenay fjord

If you would love hiking, sea kayaking, sightseeing, cruise or simple sailing in Quebec, you may want to consider stopping at the Saguenay fjord. With a spectacular glacial valley occupied by the Saguenay River, the Saguenay fjord is one of the best places to spend your holiday in Canada. Visit the Saguenay fjord for a breathtaking experience for you and your family.

Whale watching in Tadoussac

If you are on a trip with your family, whale watching in Tadoussac is something you may not want to miss out on. Located on the coast of St Lawrence, about three hours from Québec City, Tadoussac is a small town where you can visit for a family fun day. Here, you would find various species of whales, including; white Beluga whales, Minke Whales, Humpback whales and Blue whales.

For a perfect cap off on your visit to Québec , you may want to consider paying a visit to Old Québec. Also known as Vieux-Québec to locals, this place is a collection of impressive attractions in one area. A visit to Old Québec allows you to see stunning churches and chapels and other structures dating back centuries within a few hours.

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