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(2016-10-18 update)

The Toronto Seoulcialite (aka Kate Carter Hickey) is a Korea-based travel blogger from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A trained singer (Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia), dancer, and actress, she has taken several detours en route to teaching English in South Korea.  After a year of teaching Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School in Busan, Kate now lives in and adventures from Seoul.

Kate has traveled extensively throughout Canada, The United States, England, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Belize, St. Maarten, Grenada, The Caribbean, South Africa, China, Japan, Thailand, and of course, Korea!  

Skills: Beyond ESL Teaching, Kate specializes in Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Event Planning (Prospecting, Sales, Planning, Staffing, and Management), Social Media Strategy and Customization, Bar and Restaurant Consulting.  Freelance White-label  Content Writing and Editing services are available in addition to Sponsored Blog and Vlog posts on Food, Fitness, and Fashion while traveling, all under The Toronto Seoulcialite brand.

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  1. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi Kate! Thanks for the follow! Such a beauty! 🙂

  2. Ray says:

    Good call in choosing to teach ESL in South Korea. Wish I had jumped on that opportunity years ago when I had the chance right after University. It is such a great way to save money and explore Southeast Asia at the same time!

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