How to Pick THE Perfect City Bag


How to Pick THE Perfect City Bag

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A useful city bag is not only functional, but fashionable. Along with being able to easily match your outfit for ANY occasion, most people will agree that a bag is central to any outfit. Since we need to carry masks, hand sanitizers, etc. along with our keys , lipsticks and other needs nowadays, it’s crucial to pick something that fits fashion and function!



When considering what style of bag is best for you, think of where you usually go when you are out on the town. What you do? What you need the bag to do for you? One of the main concerns in bag selection is whether it is sufficient for your everyday needs and the accessibility of the items. Do you need internal pockets or several compartments? Strap or no strap?

Generally, if you want a bag that can easily take you through urban scenarios, check out cross body styles – they provide extra security and are also hands-free. If you prefer shopping online, look no further than sites such as Mirta, an Italian online store with a great selection of versatile cross body bags for women. Whatever you do, don’t rush this part of your decision as the style/shape of your bag is one of the most important things!



Another essential consideration, of any bag, is the material. You’ll likely want something comfortable, durable, rain and pollution-proof! Some people prefer leather due to it’s durability, vegan leathers thanks to its similar look and feel to the real thing while being animal-friendly, or nylons due to their ease. This is all dependent on how often you think you’ll use your bag and, of course, what shape you picked!



While more neutral colors like grey, brown, black, and beige are more common, don’t hold back if you love bright colors! Hot pinks, burgundies, or emerald greens are all stunning shades that can harmonize your individual style beautifully! If you tend to wear a lot of darker colors, maybe try browsing some color to add a pop.

Depending on how many bags you want to invest in, you may want to stick to colors that will easily blend with the majority of your existing wardrobe. Most people have unique pieces that will only match one or two specific outfits – and that’s totally okay!



The style of bag you choose should complement your height and body shape. If you are tall, a small bag may look slightly less proportional. If you’re petite, a large bag just may look like it could carry you! Opt for small to medium-sized bags instead to be safe. A well-matched bag will make you look chic…the perfect fit.

The above are useful points to consider when choosing what bag to purchase. Remember your bag will be your BFF as you move about the concrete jungle, whether out and about grinding or for leisure, so you want to make an informed choice!

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