Korea International Expat Film Festival (KIXFF) Oscars Party 2018 in Seoul

You’re Invited! Join The Toronto Seoulcialite @ KIXFF’s Oscars Party WHAT IS KIXFF? KIXFF stands for the Korea International Expat Film Festival which was established in 2015 by director, Kevin Lambert.  It’s mission is to bring films with an “expat-perspective” to Seoul.  It’s the only festival in the world to do so.  It became apparent…

Seoul Food: Surf’s Up Restaurant and Surf Shop – Apgujeong

Surf’s Up Restaurant & Surf Shop Aloha, Seoul!  Get ready for ‘Ono Grinds in Apgujeong.  Surf’s Up Restaurant and Surf Shop in Apgujeong has been around since I started working in the area back in March 2017.  Back then I had a vested interest in Hawaii and the laid-back life.  I popped in to check…

Seoulcialites: Dr. Tony Garrett, Kiwi Chamber

Saturday May 20th (in Seoul) and Saturday June 3rd (in Busan) the Kiwi Chamber will be hosting its well-known New Zealand Wine Festival!  In advance of this special event, get to know a little about Dr. Tony Garrett, Chairman of The Kiwi Chamber (aka the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce). What originally brought you to…

Expats in Korea – Seoulcialites: Anuj Madan

Expats in Korea: Seoulcialites Being an expat in Korea, we’re often pigeon-holed into 2 categories: Teacher or Military.  There are so many people doing original and interesting things in Seoul!  In this new series, I’d like to introduce you to some creative people I’ve been lucky to meet.  They may have started their professional journeys as…

Seoulcialite Day at the Races – Seoul EVENT

I must admit, I do love spending the day with all the pretty little horses!  This weekend (Sunday Fun-day September 11th, 2016) Let’s Run Seoul and the Korean Racing Authority present the Korea Cup 2016.  This event invitation, extended exclusively to foreigners in Korea (Waygooks, rejoice!), means free entry into this international event!  Jockeys from…

Seoul Food: Guilty Pleasure

Brunch is an affair enjoyed at leisure with rich food and great company. In fact, one might say that Brunch is my most favourite guilty pleasure.

Sexual Healing: Teacher gets Tested

Isn’t all sexual behaviour “risky”? I mean, even if you are in a committed relationship now, nearly everyone has baggage. It’s important to look out for your physical (and mental) health as well as that of your partner’s.

Great Spring & Summer Date Spots in Seoul

The blogs I read before coming to Korea all had one particular common post that kind of irks me now that I live here. The majority of them stated that a single, straight woman over the age of 21 or 22 would have a tough time dating.

…and they’re off (-track Horse Racing at Walkerhill)

Let’s Run: A case where going “Off Track” is a good thing.

The new facilities at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, which opened Friday June 3rd, 2016, are clean and quiet. This is a far cry from what I would have imagined having been to some of the casinos throughout Asia. A few juicy details to note before jumping into the nitty-gritty.

The Bucket List: Round II

On Saturday I participated in a press tour organized by the municipality of Seoul in collaboration with the Korean Food Foundation. Seoul Bloggers and Photographers went for a meet, greet, walking tour of the old city, and lunch. I’m so incredibly honoured to have been invited. We had a wonderful day with a great tour guide and I managed to cross off even more places I had been hoping to visit. Having lived in Korea for a year, I’d like to present Round II of my Bucket List, this edition being all Seoul. As I’ve already managed to visit many of the places on my initial list, I’ll give a little information and/or an opinion on each, and then list the remainder at the end. One thing’s for sure – it’s never a dull time living in Seoul!

Jogyesa Temple – Lotus Lantern Weekend Part ii

Korean couples love to get dressed up and wander around the old, traditional towns, as well as the Palaces and the Temples. All this was amplified by the hoopla of Buddha’s Birthday Weekend which has been celebrated as a festival since the Unified Silla era over 1,300 years ago. Yep – he gets the whole weekend, the festival, the parade, and all the beautiful lantern displays at nearly every temple the month leading up to his birthday and for for many, the weeks beyond (at Jogyesa they’ll be around until May 22nd). I guess it’s like leaving your Christmas lights up on your front porch all year long, just a lot less honky-tonk and a lot more beautiful!

Peace out, Pearson!

With an hour and 20 minutes until boarding this feels entirely too surreal.  In the car ride over I had all these terrible feelings that something bad might happen, but really it’s all been pretty smooth sailing thus far.  I woke up at 3:30 AM and figured I should probably put a face on.  Not…