SeoulFood: Pakito Taberna Española

Spanish Food in Seoul Spanish food isn’t something you’d expect to find readily available in Korea.  Pakito Taberna Española was a great little restaurant in Hongdae (closed now 🙁 wahhh) when you’re craving Spanish food in Seoul.  It’s a hidden gem where you’ll find jamon, chorizo, paella, pintxos, and wine!  We went in on a…

Seoul Secrets: Nami Island

Our Romantic Nami Island (남이섬 종합휴양지) Getaway! Just a couple of hours outside the city center of Seoul sits Nami Island.  This small, half-moon shaped island in Chuncheon, South Korea is a great place for friends, families, and couples to visit year-round.  It was even a magical day in the rain! We got up around 8 AM and…

Seoul Staycations: Hotel Maui DDM

As an English Teacher living in Korea, my lodgings aren’t exactly where or what I thought they’d be at 29.  When I was invited for a Seoul Staycation at the Hotel Maui DDM (Dongdaemun) I leaped at the opportunity.  Want to get in on the action?  There’s a special discount for mentioning The Toronto Seoulcialite.  Scroll…

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters I don’t typically think I’m a particularly picky eater.  I love trying international dishes, but tend to draw the line when it comes to eating seafood (allergies), extremities (hands and feet), blood-based dishes, and anything still wriggling (sannakji, I’m looking at you) or with a face.  While there are some…

Candidly Kate: My instagram vacation was faked

I faked my instagram vacation.  The day before my Chuseok holiday began I was feeling pretty stressed out.  I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that something was wrong. View this post on Instagram Seriously? 3,000 posts? I guess I like you, #instagram. • • • • • • • • #Seoul #Itaewon #travelblogger #travelblog #igpossetravels #wearetravelgirls…

Am I an Expat Travel Burnout?

Am I an expat travel burnout?  I’m beginning to think I might be.  Tomorrow night I’m leaving Seoul to travel to Nanjing, Taipei, and Qingdao.  I’ll be taking 4 flights in 5 days.  What am I thinking?  What was I thinking booking circular flights for such a short period of time? I feel nervous because…

Great Spring & Summer Date Spots in Seoul

The blogs I read before coming to Korea all had one particular common post that kind of irks me now that I live here. The majority of them stated that a single, straight woman over the age of 21 or 22 would have a tough time dating.

Why TEFL Now?

What are the differences among TEFL, TEYL, TESOL, TESL, CELTA, etc.? In the simplest of terms, they are different levels and methods of teaching English to non-native English speakers. TESL certifications are widely regarded as methods for teachers of non-native English speakers and immigrants to English speaking countries. TESOL and TEFL are geared more toward those who want to teach English in non-English speaking countries. Bingo! That’s me!

Losing Weight and Keeping it off while Traveling

Before I left Toronto to teach ESL in Korea, many of my friends (some leaner than others) told me that I would drop weight like crazy in Korea since the diet is so healthy and full of fermented dishes. While it is true that the traditional dishes can be quite healthy, they they aren’t always, and the ones that are also lack flavour.

…and they’re off (-track Horse Racing at Walkerhill)

Let’s Run: A case where going “Off Track” is a good thing.

The new facilities at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, which opened Friday June 3rd, 2016, are clean and quiet. This is a far cry from what I would have imagined having been to some of the casinos throughout Asia. A few juicy details to note before jumping into the nitty-gritty.

Candidly Kate: Where to Teach in Korea

In a country the size of Indiana, you would think that the two largest cities would have similar lifestyles. After spending a year in Busan I thought I have conquered Korea enough to hit the capital. Could I have been more wrong?

The Bucket List: Round II

On Saturday I participated in a press tour organized by the municipality of Seoul in collaboration with the Korean Food Foundation. Seoul Bloggers and Photographers went for a meet, greet, walking tour of the old city, and lunch. I’m so incredibly honoured to have been invited. We had a wonderful day with a great tour guide and I managed to cross off even more places I had been hoping to visit. Having lived in Korea for a year, I’d like to present Round II of my Bucket List, this edition being all Seoul. As I’ve already managed to visit many of the places on my initial list, I’ll give a little information and/or an opinion on each, and then list the remainder at the end. One thing’s for sure – it’s never a dull time living in Seoul!