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Pakito Taberna Espanola Hongdae Spanish Food in Seoul

Spanish Food in Seoul

Spanish food isn’t something you’d expect to find readily available in Korea.  Pakito Taberna Española was a great little restaurant in Hongdae (closed now 🙁 wahhh) when you’re craving Spanish food in Seoul.  It’s a hidden gem where you’ll find jamon, chorizo, paella, pintxos, and wine!  We went in on a Sunday night for some wine, pintxos, and conversation.  We were just there, but H has already revisited this quaint little Spanish tavern and wine bar!



The atmosphere is quaint and fun for groups, but can be cozy and romantic as well.  Since it’s such an out of the way spot, you’ll be able to hear your dining companions well.  The music is at a good level and the lighting is dim, but not overly so.  This is a great place to begin a wild night out!

The Menu

Pakito Taberna Espanola Menu Pakito Taberna Espanola Menu Pakito Taberna Espanola Menu Pakito Taberna Espanola Menu Pakito Taberna Espanola Menu

We enjoyed a set of 3 kinds of pintxos for KRW 13,000 (2 of each kind are served).  We chose the jamon iberico with tomatoes on baguette, pork tenderloin with grilled apples, and manchego cheese salad.

Pakito Taberna Espanola Hongdae

Surprisingly, the manchango cheese salad was the favourite of the bunch, followed closely by the jamon iberico with tomatoes on baguette.  “Pintxos” means “small snack”.  These snacks are typically eaten in bars in Northern Spain, but have become a popular menu item at bars across the globe.  I remember being able to pick them up at Portland Variety near my old place on my way home from work.  Back in Toronto they were pretty heavy, so a couple with a salad made for an easy dinner.  These pintxos were refreshing.  The flavours were bright and went together well.  While we weren’t finished eating, we were satiated until we found the next restaurant for dinner.



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