Seoul Staycations: Hotel Maui DDM

As an English Teacher living in Korea, my lodgings aren’t exactly where or what I thought they’d be at 29.  When I was invited for a Seoul Staycation at the Hotel Maui DDM (Dongdaemun) I leaped at the opportunity.  Want to get in on the action?  There’s a special discount for mentioning The Toronto Seoulcialite.  Scroll to the bottom for details!


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The walk from Dongmyo Station was fairly short.  We took the route as directed by our “Maps Me” app and it took us through a giant flea market where they sold everything from vintage fur coats to…pinecones.  Needless to say, we bought nothing then hustled along to check in and relax!  Scroll down to find a map to the Hotel Maui DDM.  There is a more direct route out of exit 3 (and 4), but it’s best to follow the map and make your own way back to the main drag once you’ve got your bearings.


Having stayed at the ibis Style Chiang Mai, the Novotel in Bangkok, and the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, I figured it would be a great opportunity to stay with a hotel which would be kinder on the pocket-book.  More than just budget-friendly, the Hotel Maui DDM Seoul treats you like family.


While on the small side, our double room had a mounted flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, a mirror and vanity table, and a massive bathroom with amazing-smelling shampoo, conditioner, and body-wash.  I think it was the same fragrance Victoria’s Secret uses for Love Spell.  The decor was colourful, but not overdone.  I loved the bright yellow accent pillows and the cute little slippers included!


At 6 PM on Saturday night we were invited down to the lobby for a ChiMaek (chicken and beer) party!  The hotel owners and staff wanted to get to know some of their grand opening guests and some of the other bloggers.  The patio was perfect for a sneaky chicken snack before a night out on the town.


The Hotel Maui DDM is located at 15 Jong-ro 66ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


Be sure to like Hotel Maui and The Toronto Seoulcialite on Facebook for more great deals, information, and specials!  Thinking of  staying at the Hotel Maui?  When you make your reservation, mention you read The Toronto Seoulcialite and you’ll get one night free! (“For example, they would like to stay here for 7 nights, and they just need to book 6 nights and send us an email to make us know they are your readers, and we could make one free night reservation by ourselves.”)

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  1. Samantha says:

    Such a cute hotel! I would love to stay here when I come up to Seoul! 🙂 And a chimaek party?! That’s my kind of jam!

  2. I really like how you transmit your thoughts through your words. The Hotel is really good, I love the interior design and everything that’s within the Hotel. What I like about this article is an honest review you delivered to us.

  3. Mohit says:

    It seem to be a great stay option that to budget friendly. I have had always wanted to have such invitations on my journey but even if not i would definitely love to try some thing like this.

  4. really informative article

  5. Sia says:

    Looks like a really nice hotel that is indeed more budget friendly to the traveler compared to most accommodation in Korea or Japan for example. I really like these cute slippers and the yellow pop up colors everywhere. Nice of them to invite you for a snack to socialize.

  6. I visited Seoul last year and it was one of the best places I went to in my life. Im glad there are great places where you can have staycations as well

  7. Christina says:

    Hotel Maui has such an exotic name you’d expect it to be on a tropical island! The design looks neat and clean and I’m sure it’s very comfortable. How much is it a night?

    1. hotel maui says:

      hello, this is hotel maui ddm, and I am the staff, Tammy
      We are grand opening now so we have many promotion on all global booking systems.
      We suggest you that book a room through agoda because it has the lawest price now.

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