Think Dating in Toronto is Scary? Try Legends of Horror at Casa Loma!

Legends of Horror Toronto Seoulcialite Casa Loma Things to Do on Halloween Toronto

Legends of Horror

Last night, Siren Communications and Liberty Entertainment Group invited me to a massive media event and party! This event was a little bit different than the luxurious, sophisticated events they normally throw. Well, at least in the beginning! Legends of Horror is a trip to Casa Loma like no other. With the promise of a Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum bar at the midway point, 5 bloggers/ YouTubers banded together for quite the fright night!

Legends of Horror Toronto Seoulcialite Casa Loma Things to Do on Halloween Toronto

What to Expect at Legends of Horror

Expect to start with my biggest nightmare: a very long line up the perimeter of the castle. Don’t be too afraid (yet), as the line moves quickly. Once you enter the grounds of Casa Loma, Legends of Horror is an experience which takes full advantage of my second biggest fear: the unknown. Word to the wise: when they tell you to leave a gap between groups make sure to heed their advice. It’s no fun if the actors are scrambling to reset or you’re shuffling through a maze with too many people.

Legends of Horror Toronto Seoulcialite Casa Loma Things to Do on Halloween Toronto

How Scary is Legends of Horror?

To be candid, it’s been a while since any of us had been to a haunted house. We were all thrown right back to childhood when grown-ups dressed as monsters were taller enough to seem like the real deal. As we all know now, the true horror is when adults aren’t playing pretend. Our world is a scary place right now and the boogey-man jumping into the middle of the path is a shock from which you can move on quickly. I found myself saying “good evening” and “hello, how are you tonight?” to every ghost, goblin, and zombie trying to frighten me. That, along with “I was told you’re not allowed to touch me” so let’s just keep that in mind! I wouldn’t bring very, very young children, but maybe one 10 years or older would be fine.

My Legends of Horror Instagram Stories

How to Prepare for Legends of Horror

Make sure that when you attend Legends of Horror you’re wearing comfortable shoes and a sweater or jacket. You’ll be outside in the gardens of Casa Loma for most of the evening, then into the tunnels for some spooky surprises. Shoes with a good, firm grip will keep you from slipping on the many, many steps. Plus, you don’t want to ruin a nice pair of shoes as the tunnels are dusty and some areas have little puddles. The first half of the experience is mainly outside, so bundle up before stepping out into the cold, dark night!

Where exactly is the Legends of Horror Captain Morgan’s Bar?

The Captain Morgan’s “Like a Captain” bar is a little more than halfway through the whole experience. This is the finale of the outdoor section. After the bar, you’ll head through the tunnels of Casa Loma with a terrifying culmination to get back outside and to the other side of the castle. It’s a cash bar from what I saw, and they have various stations and plenty of seating.

Legends of Horror Toronto Seoulcialite Casa Loma Things to Do on Halloween Toronto

How to Get to Legends of Horror

Tickets are available now for this Hallowe’en spectacular in Toronto – get them here.

Legends of Horror is “An immersive theatrical interpretation of all of the classic horror figures as we lead our audience through a one hour, 2 km self-guided walking tour commencing in the lower gardens of Casa Loma and winding its way through the castles tunnels and darkest spaces never before open to the public. The event takes place from September 28th to October 31st at Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace, Toronto ON M6K 3C3)”

Email:  Tel: 416.923.1171


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