Seoul Food: Trench Town Caribbean Restaurant in Itaewon

Trench Town Caribbean Restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul, Korea Opened on April 28, Caribbean BBQ arrived in Seoul at Trench Town restaurant in Itaewon.  They claim to “serve the best pimento smoked jerk chicken, ribs, lamb chops and massive tiger shrimp”.  Coming from Toronto (home of “The Real Jerk”), I had been missing these flavours.  Yaman in…

Vineworks Korea

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a fondness for wine.  My personal perspective on wine is that the best bottle is quite simply the one you enjoy.  I seem to have found a kindred spirit in Ian Ashworth, Founder and Proprietor of Vineworks Korea! Vineworks Korea Vineworks Korea has been going strong for…

SeoulFood: CraftBros Tap House & Bottle Shop (Apgujeong Bar)

Finding a spot in Gangnam where you can relax and catch up with a friend can often be overwhelming.  South of the Han there are SO many cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and hofs that making a decision can be infuriating.  If you’re looking for an after-work hangout, CraftBros Bottle & Tap House is a great Apgujeong…

SeoulFood: MADE Restaurant

I love to mix and match.  My favourite thing to do at a restaurant is order a whole bunch of dishes with friends and have nibbles here and there to satisfy every craving.  Beyond the unlimited, cheap, and cheerful wine, why do you think I love Ashley’s so much?  When a friend suggested we check…

Seoulfood: Braai Republic Itaewon For a long time I’ve wanted to share a magical little place in Itaewon (Seoul) called Braai Republic.  Introduced to me by he who mustn’t be named back in May, I’ve now been to the restaurant at least 6 or 7 times.  This South African spot is fairly unassuming, and unless you knew where to…

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters I don’t typically think I’m a particularly picky eater.  I love trying international dishes, but tend to draw the line when it comes to eating seafood (allergies), extremities (hands and feet), blood-based dishes, and anything still wriggling (sannakji, I’m looking at you) or with a face.  While there are some…

Seoul Food: Guilty Pleasure

Brunch is an affair enjoyed at leisure with rich food and great company. In fact, one might say that Brunch is my most favourite guilty pleasure.

Great Spring & Summer Date Spots in Seoul

The blogs I read before coming to Korea all had one particular common post that kind of irks me now that I live here. The majority of them stated that a single, straight woman over the age of 21 or 22 would have a tough time dating.

Losing Weight and Keeping it off while Traveling

Before I left Toronto to teach ESL in Korea, many of my friends (some leaner than others) told me that I would drop weight like crazy in Korea since the diet is so healthy and full of fermented dishes. While it is true that the traditional dishes can be quite healthy, they they aren’t always, and the ones that are also lack flavour.

Cool Places in Seoul! Izakaya Zushio in Sincheon

New to Korea and feeling a little homesick and under the weather, L had been talking about hot sake for a couple of days. When we stumbled upon Izakaya Zushio and encountered such great service in such a beautiful and interesting little restaurant I didn’t hesitate to get a little footage!

We got a little Japaneasy in Korea in our new neighbourhood of Sincheon. The area between the subway and my apartment is packed with great restaurants and reminded me a lot of a cross amongst Seomyeon, Deokcheon, and Sasang. My new neighbourhood is really rad!