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Back in Canada there were plenty of places to go to get a hearty take-away lunch or dinner loaded with greens, veggies, meat, and cheese.  A stellar sauce always made the meal for me, but I’m happy with avocado, a runny egg, or even just tabasco.  In Busan, I found myself constantly craving these bowls.  It’s always good to make things from scratch yourself, but sometimes I just want to pick something up that has vitamins and protein and is low on the net carbs.

On Sunday, a fellow blogger friend The Soul of Seoul and I meandered around Hongdae after checking out the Hello Kitty Cafe with her adorable little munchkin, Ava.  As far as food goes, well, it’s exactly what you’d assume for a novelty cafe: lacklustre and overpriced.  I was glad enough to pay for the novelty green tea latte, but beyond that I was definitely still hungry!  We walked by WOKS9, where the geniuses have their menu in Korean and in English on a massive sign street-side.  Perfect.  Just what I wanted!

Hallie (Soul of Seoul) got the sweet potato fries which actually almost tasted like home!  They came with a light and refreshing vinaigrette dipping sauce and were slightly crispy on the outside and perfectly mushy on the inside.  I may go back just for those frites!  My rice bowl was definitely more meat and veg than rice, which always makes me happy.  I think I paid KRW 6,300 and was happily surprised with the quality of the savoury, marinated meat , and surprised that my meal deal came with miso soup and pickled vegetables!

For directions to WOKS9 in Hongdae, click here.

South of the Han, in Sinsa, you’ll be able to get your Gangnam Style on after a tasty rice bowl, too at March Rabbit.  Someone once told me that avocados are nature’s mayonnaise, and I’m inclined to agree!  I added lentil salsa to my stamina bowl which had rice (again, not a ridiculous amount, but perfect to take half home), mushrooms, avocado, lettuce, and beef.  Topped with a fried egg (which was a little overcooked for my liking), and the slightest bit of what was supposed to be an oriental dressing (it just tasted like herby olive oil).  That said, the combination made me happy, and adding cucumbers and hot sauce when I finished my leftovers was definitely the kick the meal needed.  My meal was accompanied by pickled which weren’t too sweet (wahoo!), and a split pea soup for which I would definitely return.


Vegans, rejoice!  Kristina of The Nerdventurists is vegetarian and has a few allergies and intolerances, so March Rabbit was exactly what she needed.  Here you’ll see the hummus, lentil salsa, tofu, and bread atop a mixed greens and veggie salad.




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  1. The food looks excellent. I would love to go to south Korea and eat the food yes please. Hoping to visit next year sometime. Maybe next time i go to Melbourne i will visit a Korean restaurant

  2. Yum, these looks like nice winter warmers. It is freezing in Brisbane, Australia right now so it is exactly what I feel like.

  3. This food looks delicious! I would love to check out some places you mentioned. Will put them on my bucketlist for Korea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m going to Korea in August and will bookmark this post so I know all the healthy spots to eat. It looks absolutely delicious.

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