Seoul Food: Best Korean Restaurants in New York

Best Korean Restaurants in New York – Here are our 5 Favourites South Korean food has never been so popular in New York City. While the Deep South may be known for its soul food, the increase in top-quality Korean restaurants in New York means the city is fast becoming known for its Seoul food….

Cya Later, Seoul: Things I’ll Miss About Korea

So Long, Korea! My life here has been incredible, but even in Neverland you’ll find you have your ups and downs.  Last week, to the dismay of many on Facebook, I wrote about the things I hate about living as a foreigner (expat) in Korea.  This week, on a more positive note, I’m sharing just…

Weekend Warriors: Daedun Cloud Bridge and Chateau Mani Winery

On a Friday night in February, I hopped on a bus from the WinK Taphouse and headed down to the middle of Korea.  WinK has definitely stepped up their food menu game.  I really enjoyed the spicy mac and cheese, which had a real kick to it and plenty of bacon.  The ooey-gooey cheese is…

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters

Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters I don’t typically think I’m a particularly picky eater.  I love trying international dishes, but tend to draw the line when it comes to eating seafood (allergies), extremities (hands and feet), blood-based dishes, and anything still wriggling (sannakji, I’m looking at you) or with a face.  While there are some…

Losing Weight and Keeping it off while Traveling

Before I left Toronto to teach ESL in Korea, many of my friends (some leaner than others) told me that I would drop weight like crazy in Korea since the diet is so healthy and full of fermented dishes. While it is true that the traditional dishes can be quite healthy, they they aren’t always, and the ones that are also lack flavour.

Jindo: Puppies, Pink Cherry Blossoms, and the Parting of the Sea

We had seen the sea parting once, not knowing it would part two more times again by sundown. Some of us (self included) were a little worried about getting seasick on the boat out to Modo Island, so instead of braving the sea we actually ended up having a leisurely morning getting ready (after a well-deserved, post-parting nap!) before heading down the cherry-blossom lined paths and street over to the festival.

Korean BBQ – we’re doing it wrong!

On Saturday February 27th, 2016 The Toronto Seoulcialite (, Expat and the City (, and some friends of ours went out to Nano Galmegi ( for Korean beef BBQ in Seomyeon, a downtown area of Busan, South Korea. This is our take on Korean BBQ, and while I’m sure many of the customs and traditions have been interpreted differently than a Korean might like, we did our best and had a very fun evening!

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