HideSeek – Not Just Another Happy Place!

Do It for the ‘Gram or Pure Unadulterated Fun?

I honestly can’t keep up with all the selfie spots in our city because they’re popping up everywhere. When I was out of town celebrating Mother’s Day, there was a pop-up designed in one of the local malls completely copied from the Museum of Ice Cream. Toronto has been inundated with places and spaces designed purely with our vanity in mind. Take Happy Place – my review wasn’t exactly glowing, but they used my image (without asking) for various advertisements as the installation came to a close. When I was invited to check out HideSeek, I knew it would take a lot for me to feel impressed. On a Wednesday night a couple of days before my flight to the Philippines, we decided to check out the media preview. Candidly? I had a blast. Scroll down for 10% off HideSeek tickets!

About HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek was founded by Toronto entrepreneurs Lee Davis and Emmanuel Katsnelson. It took over the space on Dundas West which was previously a Sleep Country store. Imagine how large the retail space would have been. It’s been separated into a maze of wonderful colour and textures. There are 12 rooms designed and built by artists from Toronto, with a soundtrack straight out of my preteens. Add cotton candy and bubbles, grilled cheese, and nutella crepes, and this is the closest to the grown-up independence I had imagined in my youth.


HideSeek: “Hide from reality and seek a world of childlike wonder.
Get lost in immersive installations that let you feel like a kid again. Rediscover your carefree spirit and capture moments you’ll want to show and tell.”

The Concept of HideSeek Toronto

“HideSeek is an immersive pop-up experience inspired by childhood nostalgia. Using multi-sensory elements, our floor-to-ceiling installations excite in person and impress in photos. We invite guests to leave adulting behind and jump into a world of childlike wonder. Designed by a Toronto-based team of entrepreneurs and artists, the space sparks discovery, play, and curiosity often lost in the adult world. We’re popping up in Dundas West this spring. Ready or not, here we come!”

Contact HideSeek

How to Get to HideSeek

HideSeek officially opened on March 30, 2019 and is located at 1305 Dundas St. West. The plan was to run for two months, but it’s been extended to JUNE 30! I have a sneaking suspicion that, because of its popularity, it will require a longer tenure!



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