Seoul Food: Cry Cheese Burger, In-N-Out Burger done Gangnam Style

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Cry Cheese Burger – Korea’s Answer to In-N-Out Burger

Since moving to Korea back in February 2015, I’ve heard expats moan and groan about missing In-N-Out Burger.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the American mating call moan of “Animal Style Friiiiiies”.  If I had man won ($10) for each, I’d have enough to open my own franchise for fresh burgers and dirty, messy, loaded fries.  Thankfully, I don’t need to become a restaurateur to have a decent knock-off.   In true Gangnam Style, Cry Cheese Burger (크라이치즈버거) is a total rip off of In-N-Out Burger.  It’s cheap, cheerful, and, as advertised, delicious.

Fresh Promises from Cry Cheese Burger

Don’t cry ’cause it’s a knock-off, smile ’cause it’s available!  While In-N-Out Burger uses branding full of bold red, Cry Cheese Burger has opted for smiley face yellow.  We popped in around 4 PM on the Friday during the massive Chuseok week off and found it to be fairly busy even mid-afternoon.  There was so much seating that we had an entire row to ourselves to instagram tasty cheeseburgers and animal-style fries to our hearts’ content.  The walls were decorated with bright, informative (in Korean) posters declaring Cry Cheese Burger’s dedication to locally-sourced meat and produce.  As you can see by the baskets of potatoes (and the “raw fries” option), their French fries are made in house, daily, and almost to order.

Set A (KRW 7,300) : Cry Cheese Burger, Cheese Fries, Fountain Drink

If you want a taste of home that is under 10 bucks for a fatty Kathy meal?  Get thee to Cry Cheese Burger.  The short and wide flat-top grilled patty was squished between an uber-fresh tomato, crisp iceberg lettuce, American cheese, and American-style garlic mayo.  The bun was soft with a perfectly toasted inner layer which I’m certain had had a healthy dose of butter lobbed on.  I didn’t even mind the thick stack of onions!  I visited with Amanda (@seoulody   – check out our experience on YouTube here : ) who completely melted into her chair getting that first taste of the caramelized onions, melty, ooey-gooey American cheese, and tons of Thousand Islands salad dressing piled on top of a small hill of soft, shoe-string fries.  According to that California native, the Animal-style fries were right on the money.  I wonder if they have a “not-so-secret menu” at Cry Cheese Burger, too!

Directions to Cry Cheese Burger

For a Truly Decadent Burger, Visit Cali Kitchen

I’ve been on a hunt for an exquisite, juicy, luxury burger in Seoul.  You’ll notice I don’t write about burger joints all that much simply because I don’t think the meat to bun to topping ratio has been quite figured out.  The meat quality isn’t all that fab most places, and the buns tend to either be quite dry or too sweet.  I recently tried the burger at Cali Kitchen (we sampled the pastrami burger and the double cheeseburger loaded with Chuck’s famous chili).  If you want a fantastic burger with primo toppings and a brilliant balance, stay up to date on their Facebook, visit their website, or get into their store in Kyungnidan.  It’s a truly memorable burger made with love, and Chuck’s meat (a labour of love in and of itself).

Cry Cheese burger Menu Review Seoul Food Cry Cheeseburger Seoul In-N-Out Burger Gangnam Animal Style Fries Review Toronto Seoulcialite

Think you’ve found Seoul’s best burger?  How about Seoul’s best burger value?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. JR Irvin says:

    One of the best burgers around is a secret menu item at 금식탁 (the golden table) bistro. It’s an open faced gourmet masterpiece. The restaurant owner speaks english, and always looks for opportunities to better his craft. So when I mentioned that I hadn’t had a good burger in a long time, he said he could make a great one. The next day he made a beautiful gourmet burger. Baked baguette bread with a freshly made, super thick, patty, grilled onions and mushrooms, jalapeno, housemade sauce, and a fried egg. It literally just melts in your mouth. If you are ever in Oryu-dong you should definitely check out his restaurant. He has all kinds of good food.

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