Add More Fun to Your Workout Routines While Travelling

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Add More Fun to Your Workout Routines While Travelling
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When I travel, I often like to step into a casino to see how they differ in each locale. Having worked in online gaming, I know that the slots are usually your worst bet when it comes to gambling. What if you were able to use the principles of Bingo for things other than gambling? Wouldn’t it be fun to let fate decide what you’re wearing or how you’re working out? There are tons of memes referencing workouts related to the presidential debate. Why not lose the Donald vs. Hilary stress and let everyone’s favourite dabber game do the work?

Bingo is an adaptable game in the sense that it lends itself well to any traveler’s lifestyle. Together with the classic gaming establishments of the yesteryear and today’s new batch of online platforms, this pastime successfully factors in fun in a bunch of sometimes stressful, yet rewarding activities. There’s Wardrobe Bingo, which helps players choose their outfit for a night out in a unique way. On the flip-side, there’s a variant that adds more excitement to a physical endeavour such as working out.

Lifestyle blogger Rane Rhoden wrote about a number of health and fitness trends to try this year. The article talked about a range of topics from intense programs like CrossFit and HIIT, to fitness fads the likes of Pole Workouts and Instant Thigh Gap. Sure, trying these exercises – even while on the road – can be your starting point towards overall wellness. What if you could integrate more enjoyment into your workouts? Would that encourage you to look forward to your next sessions?

Compared to the aforementioned exercises and circuit training programs, fitness bingo is a somewhat less strenuous activity that ultimately gets the job done. This workout routine incorporates a thrilling pastime with an equally rewarding physical venture. Best of all: it’s also easily adaptable to a traveler’s way of life. To kick things off, produce basic bingo cards that have various body-weight exercises inside each square instead of the usual numbers. You can simply write these down on a piece of paper, or better yet, see your ideas come to life on

Once you’ve sorted these out, download a mobile app called Spin It. Here, you’ll have a list of exercises to put on the cards. You’ll use this every session to randomly select the workouts to accomplish, crossing out each one and finishing until you’ve completed the pattern. One good thing about fitness bingo is that you can do this at home by yourself or with a class at a local gym, whichever city you’re in. This is just a simple reflection on how bingo evolved throughout the years, establishing itself as a viable game that can be enjoyed by many – even up to this day.

As a method to attract today’s generation of players, bingo went down the online route, created advanced game modes, as well as offered various promotions. Similar to CrossFit and HIIT, these gaming companies provide a convenient way to play the game and, above all, win huge prizes. Some even go as far as coming up with advertising schemes that present and grant loyal subscribers with exclusive bonuses. With a bevy of jackpot promotions, online platforms such as Gala Bingo having received prestigious citations from Which Bingo, EGR, and GIA. They’ve also gone that extra mile to provide their player base with ways to keep fit while at home. The aforementioned Gala Bingo released an infographic which teaches players how to workout at home using a chair. The infographic entitled Tone Up is just one of the many initiatives Gala has released to their community to debunk the unhealthy tag bingo has been labeled with over the years.

On paper, exercises and bingo games seem like they’re from different universes. One involves sweating from strenuous physical activities, the other from nervousness and anxiety. However, as you look at the big picture, you’ll realize they share a common denominator in terms of presenting travelers with a clear cut, optimistic result.

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