Weekend Warriors vi: The Penis Bar


Yes, you read that right: The Penis Bar.  I don’t think anyone knows the real name of the bar in Seomyeon that has a giant wooden penis outside the entry, but it’s where the generation of teachers in Hwamyeong that came before me would frequent almost every weekend.  After nearly 6 months, this was my first visit.

We started the day at PanAsia (팬아시아 서면점), which has various locations in Seoul, Daegu, Changwon, and Busan,  This is the only place in Busan where I’ve been able to have any sort of Thai or Thai Fusion that I haven’t made myself.  We ordered some really tasty mojito buckets that were $7, as well as the Pad See Ew (not pictured, but it was rolled, fat rice noodles and beef and broccoli in a rich soy sauce) as well as the Green Curry Chicken which really hit the spot.  I think I tend to forget how much I love cilantro.  The dish comes with coconut crusted chicken breast as well which is great value if you don’t feel like adding rice.  All in all I think our bucket and two entrees came to $28.  

After lunch we wandered through the underground mall in Seomyeon.  Once you exit the subway you’ll notice there are TONS of cute little shops with hats, cell phone cases, makeup, and clothes.  We were there for a couple of hours before heading through the streets of Seomyeon to the famous Penis Bar.

There were some awesome frozen flavours of Makgeolli (Kiwi, Peach, Strawberry, and Blackberry which was my favourite).  We played a bunch of “memory games”, ate some pajeon and snacks (not 100% my jam), before heading off to get Mexican food.

Bibcock is located in the cutest little alley with tons of superheroes painted on the wall.  The food is on the pricy side (and spicy side to warn all those who can’t handle the heat), but if you share a few plates it ends up being worth it.  We shared a couple of tasty al pastor tacos and the chimichanga (the deep fried burrito you see above).  For 2 cheap beers, 2 small tacos, and the chimichanga our total came to about $33.

On our way to the fanciest Norebang I’ve ever seen (across from Burger King and Ashley’s American Grill and in the same building as Club Fix) we ran into these guys.  I’m assuming that since it was Korean Independence Day that they were some sort of team of Ambassadors celebrating with their flags.  I took a picture with them because of course I did.

See?  Fancy.

We sang everything from Backstreet Boys, to Britney Spears, to EXO and Super Junior.  We tried Eminem and Fetty Wap, and aced a little Carly Rae Jepsen.  Aladdin and Grease were also on the menu.  When some of the crew got tired and went home, the rest of us trucked on.

The crew at Yaman Joint in Seomyeon is awesome.  We had met the staff when they had their Seong-do Beach Party and were welcomed back with open arms and a fruit platter.  The music was awesome, the dancefloor was packed, and we had a blast talking and dancing until it was time to head home and to bed.

Sunday was all about sleeping in, relaxing, cleaning, and grocery shopping.  We decided to kill two birds with one stone by heading to Sasang for Home Plus, E-Mart, and the selection of South East Asian food.  We were looking for one Indian restaurant in particular which had unfortunately closed down.  It was replaced by an Indonesian restaurant we probably should have visited instead.

Bombay Spices is a nicely decorated restaurant with a great view of the overpass at Sasang as well as a well-priced buffet.  At $15 for a buffet dinner we could hardly say no, but we probably should have.

The items on the buffet included a biryani (no pulao or steamed rice), chicken curry, chickpea curry, shrimp curry, and a dish that was labeled mushroom curry but was mostly just peas.  It all tasted the same: decently tasty, but realistically just a store-bought curry powder which had been used in each and every dish.  The naan was warm and plentiful, but nothing to write home about.  It hit the spot, then it hit a different spot about 45 minutes later when we decided to stop into E-Mart.  Based on this thinly-veiled advisory alone, I would avoid Bombay Spices in Sasang.

I headed back to my newly-rearranged studio apartment in Hwamyeong and after Skyping with my parents I passed right out.  Another weekend done just right by the warriors of the Hwammer.

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