Sunday Funday: Aqua Palace – West Coast Tacos

I love a good Sunday Funday, as most of you know, and last Sunday was incredible.  We started out at Brunsweek (a great spot for a typical greasy spoon BAE [bacon and eggs, naturally] breakfast or my favourite: ricotta salad) then headed to the beach.  After swimming and sunning we wanted to go check out Beach Bikini (a rooftop bar I’ve been eyeing since my arrival in Busan) but it wasn’t open.  

We decided to check out the observatory at Aqua Palace.  On the 20th floor you can head up some blue LED steps to the restaurant and observatory.  We waited to get a table, but didn’t see anyone around to seat us so we just headed outside.

The view was breathtaking!  We kind of felt like we weren’t supposed to be up there, but nobody was stopping us so we kept going…


We continued walking around the perimeter of the observatory and found the glass floor.  I’m usually into this kind of stuff, but I could feel the platform move a little bit and it creeped me right out!

Who wants to stay at Aqua Palace next summer?  Pool party, please?

Next, we headed over to Galmegi for a quick beer (I had a very hoppy Pilsner which was delicious, but expensive!) then on to West Coast Tacos.

West Coast Tacos (3-4 Namcheon 2(i)-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea) is a great little spot just up the street from Sharky’s on the 5th floor.  Take the subway to Geumyeonsan Station and walk down toward the water.  It’s on your right hand side before you hit Sharky’s. 

I had the carnitas burrito (braised pork) add guacamole which came served on a plate with no sides.  I was a little surprised…$12 for just a burrito? Really?  The burrito itself had a lot to it – it was meaty, delicious, and surprisingly filling, but I still wish I had some rice, beans, or salad to go along with the meal.  I was extra happy to have real tapatio!

Right now through the end of Chuseok they’re having a special: “Get fresh chips and homemade salsa for free and a free drink with your meal. One free drink per person with order. For Taco Tuesday you can also choose between Corona w/ lime or a glass of red wine for the free drink!!”

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