PNU to Haeundae – Weekend Warriors II


Birthdays in Korea are a little bit more special – especially the first ones away – since we’re not surrounded by family and lifelong friends.  Our new friends become our family quickly, and we try to make each other feel as special as possible.

For G’s Birthday, we had a whirlwind weekend starting off at the CU (of course) with music, pizza, cake, and soju.  Friday nights across the street from our apartment complexes is convenient and inexpensive so it was a great place to start.

Saturday was for more pizza, French sparkling wine (we have Champagne here but the mark-up doesn’t really make sense to buy – Veuve Clicquot if you want to sponsor this blog I would not say no!) and throwback tunes to dance it out before cabbing through the mountains to PNU.  We had hoped to get either Indian food or Sushi but the opening of Papa’s Tacos brought us for Tex-Mex.

I got the spinach and mushroom quesadilla which was lacklustre.  For a fraction of the price the al pastor pork taco was FAR SUPERIOR and I would definitely go back for the tacos and cheap beer.  The restaurant is spacious, the bathrooms are modern and clean, and the tacos are great.  Nicely done, Papa’s Tacos – just fix the quesadillas 😉

There are a TON of stalls in the street at PNU selling everything from socks to jewelry to ridiculous frames.  For $10 G and I couldn’t say no!  Glasses on, we headed over to the Basement – a popular PNU spot for live music and an interesting set up.  I was a bit claustrophobic in the downstairs space, so I headed upstairs to watch the bands from a comfy couch!

 Side note: I’m getting prescription lenses for these.
Sunday was bright and sunny in the morning, but gray and overcast in the afternoon.  We headed down to the Haeundae Marina (or “Yacht Mariana” as it’s been labeled by Dynamic Busan) and by 3 PM we were well on our way into international waters.

I was such a happy camper when we came aboard.  About two hours in the skyline was gonezo and I yakked.  It happened.  We stayed out for another 3 hours.  It was…interesting.
Another jam-packed weekend was over and the Weekend Warriors went off to bed.

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