The Roots


After using Korean Box Dye (which turned my hair black even though the colour was medium brown) I was a little nervous to cover my grays.  I was going to wait and get some highlights once my 2nd paycheque came through, but when a colleague of mine popped over and plucked out one of my grays with her bare hands I knew it was time to head over to Olive Young to buy some colour.  There were a variety of L’Oreal products but sadly they were all dark brown or black shades.  I saw this little cartoon character peering out and me and wondered if I should give it a shot.  There were a few colours on sale and I considered going with Lemon Blonde (it doesn’t pull that much colour from your hair – on instagram it looked like a light brown), but opted for Melty Cherry.

I had some very unrealistic high hopes that the colour would turn out like the beauty on the left and decided to give it a shot last night.  The box comes equipped with the dye, an activator, and a pump top for the foam.  It also comes with gloves that were way bigger than the Korean ones I had used, and a cape for your neck and shoulders which really just ended up getting in the way. 

You can’t see them in the photo…but trust me, they’re there!
The many, many instructions were completely in Japanese – I couldn’t even find any numbers that would tell me how long to keep the dye in so I just let it sit for about 40 minutes.

I started with my roots which ultimately may have been a bad idea – I wanted to pull more colour from the bottom since my ends are so dark, but I also wanted the gray coverage.  Usually with foam dye my hair feels quite wet but with Fresh Light my hair soaked it up quickly and got kind of sticky.  I guess my hair is really fried from that last box dye experience.  The foam was really pink at first then turned red, and when I washed it out my bathroom kind of looked like a crime scene.  With super orange roots after I stepped out of the shower I was pretty worried!

I’m not entirely in love with the colour.  I think a medium brown would have been a better choice but it got the job done and covered my grays.  I think next time I’ll go the lemon blonde route just to get my hair light enough to add some highlights and be well on my way to blonde.

 – My wide-eyed impression of the girl on the cover.

Have any of you done a DIY-dye job in a foreign country?  What were your best/ worst experiences?  Leave me a note in the comments!

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