Repatriation Fears: 10 Reasons I’m Afraid to Leave Korea

As my plans beyond my final contract in Korea begin to solidify, so do my repatriation fears.  Surviving “reverse culture shock” is daunting, and a very real challenge.  I’ve been reading articles with titles like “Moving Home with Dignity” and “Top Tips for Repatriation”.  I just want to live on an imaginary beach far away…

Sexual Healing: Teacher gets Tested

Isn’t all sexual behaviour “risky”? I mean, even if you are in a committed relationship now, nearly everyone has baggage. It’s important to look out for your physical (and mental) health as well as that of your partner’s.

Candidly Kate: Feeling Seoul Unsettled

I know that I can’t do it all, but I want to. I’m trying to do it all. I want to soak up every last bit of this wonderful, diverse city, but I also feel like I’m riding a constantly moving merry go ’round and step back every time I’m about to get off.