Escapism Has Landed: EscapismTO’s Launch @ Assembly Chef’s Hall

Escapism Toronto Launch Party Well, beaches, I’m back in Toronto after 3 years Seoulcialiting it up in Korea.  Over 1,000 days have gone by, but the agency launch parties haven’t changed a bit.  Most of the faces look the same and the dress-code of hobo-chic vs. try-hards continues to identify who is on the list…

Lotus Lantern Weekend – Part I

After a very relaxing day meandering around Sincheon, we ventured up to the subway and along the green line to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. This area is one of my favourites already, even though I’ve only explored it for the Indian food (well, Nepalese), and for Seoul Fashion Week. The area is particularly modern because of the architecture surrounding the big Dongdaemun Design Plaza by Dame Zaha Hadid.