5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay – Singapore’s Stylish Hostel

5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay Singapore A terrace with a view overlooking the Singapore river, a magnificent view of Marina Bay Sands, and an endless supply of coffee?  5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay in Singapore made some big promises!  Located splat in between the Clarke Quay and Raffles Place MRT stations, this luxury hostel is the most…

Seoul Secrets: Nami Island

Our Romantic Nami Island (남이섬 종합휴양지) Getaway! Just a couple of hours outside the city center of Seoul sits Nami Island.  This small, half-moon shaped island in Chuncheon, South Korea is a great place for friends, families, and couples to visit year-round.  It was even a magical day in the rain! We got up around 8 AM and…

InterContinental Hotels Group: Nashville’s Best Downtown Foodie Favorites

Over the past five years, several friends of mine have moved from Vancouver and Toronto to Nashville. This classic haven for musicians also offers a diverse set of attractions for partiers, artists, tourists, the LGBT community, and foodies! I’ve often considered checking out this musical city, but Nashville needs something a little different from my…

The Bucket List: Round II

On Saturday I participated in a press tour organized by the municipality of Seoul in collaboration with the Korean Food Foundation. Seoul Bloggers and Photographers went for a meet, greet, walking tour of the old city, and lunch. I’m so incredibly honoured to have been invited. We had a wonderful day with a great tour guide and I managed to cross off even more places I had been hoping to visit. Having lived in Korea for a year, I’d like to present Round II of my Bucket List, this edition being all Seoul. As I’ve already managed to visit many of the places on my initial list, I’ll give a little information and/or an opinion on each, and then list the remainder at the end. One thing’s for sure – it’s never a dull time living in Seoul!

Lotus Lantern Weekend – Part I

After a very relaxing day meandering around Sincheon, we ventured up to the subway and along the green line to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. This area is one of my favourites already, even though I’ve only explored it for the Indian food (well, Nepalese), and for Seoul Fashion Week. The area is particularly modern because of the architecture surrounding the big Dongdaemun Design Plaza by Dame Zaha Hadid.