Sincheon Sweetness: A Day Off

Whenever I let people know I live in Sincheon, I usually say Jamsil instead. Sincheon is located in between Sports Complex (where the LG Twins and Doosan Bears play, where tons of music festivals and concerts are held, and where what I believe is the second tier soccer team calls home) and Jamsil. In Seoul there is “Sinchon” and “Sincheon”, so it’s easiest just to say Jamsil. The reaction is usually “Whoa! You live so far away!”.

Christmas comes to Korea: Part 1

Christmas came and went suddenly.  Leading up to the 25th there were lots of opportunities for me to miss my parents, miss my friends back home, and miss the traditions we had together, but the actual day went by in the blink of an eye (we’ll get to that later!).  The holiday is celebrated in…