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KANDL Artistique

The lighting of a candle has always felt, for me, one of two ways. When I light a candle, I’m either focusing on something intensely spiritual, or am just trying to make my condo smell like vanilla so my boyfriend thinks I’m domestic. Don’t get it twisted – I’m both of those things, but it’s a rare occasion that I’ll bake cookies and an even rarer occasion that I’ll have someone over to watch me in the process.

Enter KANDL Artistique – a hidden gem in Yorkville which makes candles for Tom Ford, Estée Lauder, Jonathan Adler, and now – me! The space is small, but immaculately designed. In the “before times” it would have been the perfect spot to pop into for a dessert, coffee, and/ or cocktail and a cruise around candle shopping (it’s luxe – their most expensive candle is approximately $600) or even a bachelorette activity in the lab!

KANDL Artistique Lab

Before we landed ourselves back in lockdown, I was invited to the KANDL Artistique Lab, where I got to experience something brand new. Sure, I had rolled beeswax candles at camp as a kid. Customizing my very own high-quality candle with a fragrance unique to my personal preferences? First-timer, over here! Not only was I excited to have something to do outside my home for 90 minutes, I was a bit nervous! Would my favorite scents work together? Would I get the wick centered just right? Was I about to stumble and pour wax all over the perfect floors?

The entire experience took about 90 minutes. We pumped up some early 90’s tunes and got to work smelling the various fragrances and determining picks for top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The 15 aroma-journey we took was repeated since the scents changed over time after being exposed to the air. We placed our samples in order, and re-ordered them again and again until we confused ourselves enough just just make a decision and go for it.

One we had selected our 3 oils, the combination was popped into a system and the perfect wick was prepared. We mixed our oils (I selected citrus [bergamot blend], aromatic [mixed herbs], and musk [amber blend]) into the hot wax, stirred (in a very particular manner – do not try this unsupervised at home!), and poured into the vessel. I selected the Indigo blue vessel for my candle, and named it with some lyrics from one-hit-wonder Canadian boy band B-4-4 due to the use of scent B4 as my base note.

Custom Candle Making in Yorkville Toronto

Set Your Spirit Free

My KANDL Artistique custom candle truly had quite the name to live up to. I waited  the designated 24 hours to let my candle settle. Then, I put on some soothing music and lit it up. Was my soul immediately illuminated? No, but every time I select my perfectly tailored candle, made with love by yours truly, I feel a certain sense of pride and serenity.

@thatgirlcartierMaking my own signature ##candle at KANDL ARTISTIQUE in ##Yorkville ##Toronto was a perfect ##Friday afternoon! 🕯️##fragrance ##WellDone♬ Morning – Liqwyd

Contact KANDL Artistique

Phone: (416) 215-2150

Wednesday: 12 PM–6 PM
Thursday: 12 PM–6 PM
Friday: 12 PM–6 PM
Saturday: 12 PM–6 PM
Sunday: 12 PM–6 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed

KANDL Artistique Lab Experience Pricing

Price: $95 / Person + HST Reservations are available in 3 hour increments, Wednesday through Sunday. You will receive an invoice for a 50% + HST deposit of the cost of this booking to secure your reservation. The remaining 50% can be paid on site.

*KANDL Artistique is currently closed due to the Toronto COVID-19 lockdown. You can still share a gift sourced from the finest fragrance houses in Europe, however! Curb-side pickup, GTA deliveries and lab refills are available upon request.

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  1. I remember seeing you do this in your IG stories! I bet these would make fun gifts for family and friends, Definitely, something cool to do in Toronto once we re-open again.

    1. I’m hoping their bar/ café is open again soon! Would make a great Valentine’s day outing 🙂

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