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Burgers and Fries

DUNK Burgers and Chocolate

Last week we were invited to DUNK Burgers and Chocolate, a sweet little restaurant on Queen Street just West of Bathurst before you hit Trinity Bellwoods. It seems as though they still have a couple of service-related kinks to work through. I’d say, especially if you’ve imbibed on Canada’s latest legality, DUNK is one heavy duty eating experience you can’t miss.

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING ($13.75) – DUNK Burgers and Chocolate

“English Toffee pudding, freshly baked and served in a hot cast iron skillet. Topped with your choice of ice cream.”

This was the BIG winner for me! The sticky toffee pudding was dense and decadent and could have fed 4 people with how massive the portion was. This holiday season I absolutely love the rare taste of toffee, and this one truly hit the spot!


“Soft and decadent cookies freshly baked with marshmallows and brownies. Baked and served in a hot cast iron skillet, topped with your choice of ice cream and Belgian chocolate”

Cookie Monster is one you’ve probably seen all over social media – here’s what is looks like without all the pretty light and filters. Still a stunner, ain’t she? This dessert was ooey-gooey and absolutely massive. You really do get your money’s worth with tons of brownie and chocolate chips mixed with the soft and tender, melty and enormous cookie batter. This one was made for sharing, so be generous!

DUNK N’ DARK ($13.75) – Crèpe at DUNK Burgers and Chocolate

“Crepe stuffed with brownies topped with Belgian chocolate”

This is another one that could serve 4 or 5 people with ease. I ADORE chocolate, and this was one I could only handle a couple of bites before tapping out. It’s one of those #doitforthegram #eatingfortheinsta fantastic shots. It’s incredibly rich and decadent. Even this fatty Kathy couldn’t giv’er.

Fried Chicken Waffle ($14.50) – DUNK Burgers and Chocolate

“Fresh toasted waffle with 3 pieces of fried chicken, garnished with chipotle sauce, honey, and chopped jalapeno bits” 

The chicken tenders were lightly battered and were juicy. I wouldn’t call this fried chicken though, per se. The jalapeno didn’t really add the heat for which I had hoped. The chipotle sauce tasted like sriracha mayo. My personal opinion? The chicken is good. The waffle is good. Get rid of all the sauces you’re putting in and around the dish currently, give me back my hot and heavy jalapenos, and dish out some maple syrup on the side. Then, it’ll be great!

The Buffalo ($15.75) – Dunk Burgers and Chocolate

“Two buttermilk fried chicken breast tossed in our signature buffalo sauce with a slice of grilled pineapple, arugula, garlic mayo served open faced on a French brioche bun.”

My personal opinion? Again – lay off the sauces! I’m a sauce boss, but there was just too much buffalo overpowering the other flavours. This is the most popular burger on the menu, but I think that’s just because people like the combination of sweet and tangy. The balance just wasn’t there, for me. I don’t think there was garlic mayo on mine, and although I could see the pineapple I couldn’t taste it. The bun was nice and soft, but I wouldn’t call it a French brioche. On the other hand, I’ve been dying to see sweet potato lattice fries, so that was a win!

Getting to Dunk Burgers and Chocolate

DUNK Burgers & Chocolate Restaurant

Ultimately, I found the desserts to be winners, but the burgers need some work. I’d love to go back when they have had a bit more experience with the local clientele and have a handle on steps of service. I can definitely see DUNK Burgers and Chocolate being the restaurant of choice for budding romances this Valentine’s Day. Chocolate and pink décor; who could ask for anything more!

DUNK Burgers and Chocolate Hours of Operation:
Monday: 2 PM–10 PM
Tuesday: 2 PM–10 PM
Wednesday: 2 PM–10 PM
Thursday: 2 PM–10 PM
Friday: 2 PM–12 AM
Saturday: 2 PM–12 AM
Sunday: 2 PM–10 PM

Seoulfood has officially become Toronto Foodie. I left Korea in March 2018 and haven’t looked back. Life has moved quickly!

Here’s the first installment in a cheap and cheerful series on quick eats around my hometown.



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