Jaymes White Launches The Beverley Street Séance


,Jaymes White Beverly Street Séance

  Jaymes White and The Beverly Street Séance

Anyone who knows me personally would be able to tell you that if something’s a bit out of the ordinary you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll want to be there. In a city like Toronto where I no longer have the consistent thrill of the random Korean obstacle, I’m finding life a bit stale and boring. Enter Jaymes White, here to save the day and (*fingers crossed*) frighten my demons out of me and away for good tonight at The Beverly Street Séance held at The George Brown House. In advance, we’ve been lucky enough to secure some answers to my questions directly from the source leading the séance.

“Jaymes White: Mindreader/Mentalist/ maybe even a Witch. At the age of seven, Jaymes developed an intense interest in magic. He then expanded into street performances and the psychologically-based branch of magic called Mentalism. Fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind and the thought patterns that exist in our subconscious, he advanced into elaborate stage shows at the age of seventeen. Jaymes strengthened his knowledge of the intricacies of the mind through advanced studies in psychology. Now, with the launch of his PARADOX tour and through his hit TV series, Mind Games, Jaymes has been vaulted into the Canadian entertainment scene.”

Jaymes White

  1. When and How did you first become aware you were uniquely gifted?

I kind of looked at humans in a different way. I had trouble connecting with people growing up, so I started observing and finding patterns about people. It is something anyone can learn, but it takes a lot of effort and practice. I started when I was 6 years old and just worked at it daily non stop to get to this level. A lot of people say I have this gift, but I find anyone can accomplish anything if they put their mind towards their goal. It just takes a lot of practice and dedication.

  1. How were you able to hone this craft and make it a business opportunity?

This is actually the only job I have ever had and I do not even see it as a job. I think people started noticing my skills when I was a kid and realized this was something different or unique. I created my own business JWE and have not looked back. Kind of crazy that this is my actual job. I love it.

Haunted Toronto

  1. How did you choose this particular venue (George Brown House)?

We tell séance survivors if they know of any locations to send it our way. Then Mari, who is on my team, looks at all the locations and decides on where she thinks would be the best spot for a séance. She then contacts the locations and gets it done. This year we were lucky to get the George Brown Mansion which is run by the Ontario Heritage Trust. They have been great to us. The GBM is actually really haunted and is not open much to the public, so it’s a perfect spot for my séance. Honestly you can thank Mari and the Ontario Heritage Trust for this perfect location.

  1. Why was it selected over other “haunted” hot spots around Toronto?

The reason why we picked this one was because of its history, the fact it isn’t open to the public, and how it has been on ghost shows. Even ghost hunters have come here to investigate. It is my dream location in Toronto and I cannot believe we actually got it.

Spooky Surprises

  1. Where else have you hosted similar events and how has the location made the experience change?

Every location has its own dark past and history and so the séance is always different. I find the location a lot of times is what draws people. Each séance is different and its all because of the locations and what they are known for. So I find why people come back every year is because it is always different and they get to explore a new place.

  1. Have you ever connected with a guest’s dearly departed in a manner which surprised you?

We have had some of the craziest experiences that people remember for a long time. I try to focus on the house and its history rather than someone’s dearly departed. That being said, a lot of people claim they felt one of their lost ones at one of the seances. I am not sure what to believe.

What to Expect at a Jaymes White Séance

  1. I’ve never been to a séance before – do the other-worldly visitors generally come from the location in which you’re hosting the event, or do they follow your guests in?

How the séance works is we have 18 people who get picked up and taken to the séance, Then, they get to see the house and then we go off the feelings of the audience which is what dictates the séance. So for example if someone feels a connection in one room we might try a technique to see if we can get them to connect more. The best thing about this is that they become as a team and accomplish something they have never done before. It is definitely the most unique Halloween experience in Toronto.

  1. How do you organize your séance?

Once we decide on a location, I go to the location and just walk around and get the feel of the house. After that it just kind of happens and I put it together. The audience dictates the séance a lot of times.

  1. How does the event differ over the course of the 3 sessions each night?

Every séance we do is different. It legit depends on the audience and what they feel. So if you came to [back to back séances, they] would be completely different because of different groups of people. Why I love doing the séances is because every night and experience is different and I have no idea what to expect.

  1. Is there anything else you might like for our readers to know?

I can say without a doubt if you do attend my séance it will be the most unique Halloween event you ever go to, I try my best every night to give you what you want. Also side note, I got kissed by a Hyena and it was the highlight of my life!

There you have it! I’ll be at Jaymes’ séance tonight and can’t wait to update you on all things other-worldly.

That is, if I should make it out alive and unscathed!

More info at JaymesWhite.com – Click to check out videos of the Beverley Street Séance and Rule #6 of a Jaymes White Séance

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