Making FFETCH Happen – Toronto’s New Wine, Booze, and Snack Delivery Service


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Start Trying to Make FFETCH Happen

About a month ago I was invited to a launch party for a company called FFETCH. The party was promptly cancelled due to venue issues, but my intrigue remained. What was “FFETCH” beyond a nod to the instant cult classic “Mean Girls”? I looked it up online and found that a number of publications, including Cosmopolitan Magazine, had reviewed the service. If Tinder hasn’t completely ruined the concept of meeting actual humans in public, FFETCH most certainly will. I’m on board.

How to Use FFETCH

Just like other food delivery apps like Foodora or UberEats, FFETCH has an app you can download. The navigation is really intuitive. What I prefer about FFETCH is that they haven’t jacked up the prices on the individual items. Ever notice how your bill for a couple of entrées can rack up really quickly? That’s because restaurants have to raise their prices to make up for the fees charged per item. Since FFETCH works with suppliers (like Halo Top – I’ve never in my life seen so many flavours available in one place!), they don’t have to raise their prices far beyond retail. With a fairly reasonable delivery price of $4.99 (waived if your order goes above $70), it’s definitely a good excuse to stay in and recharge those batteries.

My FFETCH Experience

FFETCH claims to have over 1,000 items for convenient sale. Local and International snacks, frozen food, wine, and liquor are on the menu, as well as over the counter drugs, toiletries, feminine products, condoms, batteries, pet food, and phone chargers (iPhone only though, which was a surprise for this Android user). Craving Pocky? They’ve got ’em. Need emergency Moet? It’s thurr.

I placed my order at 1:26 PM and by 2 PM on the dot I had my delivery in my hands. The only hold up was that my payment didn’t go through the first time online, so I was talking to my driver on the phone for a while deciding whether to pay at the door or cancel, add a couple of new items, and try again. Ultimately I paid at the door and couldn’t have been happier with my experience. I got 3 pints of Halo Top low-calorie iced dessert, a frozen pizza, a Tony Moly Sheet Mask (YES – A KOREAN SKINCARE BRAND!) and some ramyeon. I could have ordered some wine, but figured I had no plans to leave the house today and there had to be a limit!

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Cheers to You, Gretchen Wieners – You Made FFETCH Happen

Looks like Gretchen did, in fact, make FFETCH happen. Would I order from them again? Absolutely. Would it be easier if I could get my card to work via their app and arrive home to an exquisite bottle of red paired with charcuterie (or at least some pizza pockets)? Of course (the wine’s on the menu, but the frozen food aisle is limited right now)! I think FFETCH is really going to challenge the way the delivery service industry works in Toronto these days. Not only is it cheaper and faster (right now), they’ll deliver alcohol – and who knows what else come October 17th!

NOT Sponsored

Surprise, surprise ladies and gents! This is just a quick rundown on my personal FFETCH experience. It has not been sponsored in any way, I just had a great first experience. I actually liked it so much that my driver (who was coincidentally the owner of the company!) gave me a FFETCH coupon code. Use code: FFETCHTO on your first order (I believe of $15 or over). Or, you can roll the dice and see what happens if you use my referral code: KatjLVM. Let me know your thoughts (and what you ordered) in the comments!

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It’s cuffing season, but I’m wrapped up like a burrito at home alone. If you’re like me and can’t brave the depression that is dating in Toronto, FFETCH might just be the solution throughout those long, cold, winter months in Toronto. Happy Cocooning!

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