Escape: Top Reasons Why Bali’s the Perfect Getaway to RELAX!


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Bali: Your Relaxation Destination!

Guest Post by: Wander with Jo!

The mere mention of the word Bali, is bound to instantly conjure up visions of an island paradise, surrounded by party beaches and resorts, big and small. The real Bali, however, is much more than just a happening destination, it is an aspiration about the mood and essence of the Balinese that sets this tropical retreat apart from the other usual tourist hot spots.

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The generous, smiling and lovely people of Bali, along with the rich diverse culture and amazing sights, really take Bali to another level. At the end of the day, a vacation to Bali is sheer fun, no matter who you are or which part of the world you are from.

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For the tourist who is looking for relaxation and wants to get away from the chaos of Kuta or the pleasures of Seminyak, there are many lavish resorts and wellness retreats on the Bukit Peninsula. These excellent villas and hotels have one thing in common, that they allow the guest to relax and unwind in some of Asia’s best environment. With the world becoming an increasing stressful place, day by day, a demand for such retreats is on the rise.

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Bali has a great reputation for making the art of wellness combine equally well with the special luxury spas that adopt the most unique and beneficial natural therapies. This growth in popularity can be gauged by the increasing number of airlines, from all over the world, offering direct connections to Bali. Over the years this Island of the Gods has managed to master the exotic art of healing and relaxation using traditional Asian techniques.

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As more and more travelers head to the health and wellness retreats of Bali, to find a balance in their busy lives, the local travel industry has geared itself for this phenomenal rise in medical and cosmetic tourism. Resorts such as the Chill House, in Canggu, provide delicious organic food, surfing, biking, yoga and other soul and body treatments. For those with a penchant to spend good money, some of the most well equipped and luxurious hotels can be found in Bali. Apart from excellent hospitality, guests can relax in lush gardens, have access to multiple swimming pools and spend quality time with families on private beach fronts.

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Bali has plenty of cliff-side resorts, which offer stunning views, seemingly perched on an edge. In case you intend to enjoy the cuisine in the privacy of your room, a personal butler will be on hand to prepare a fresh meal whenever you please. Then there are private villas available, each with a private plunge pool and dedicated butler service for the entire duration of your stay. Some high end hotels in Ubud have top- notch yoga experts and fitness classes which incorporate cycling through paddy fields or trekking up to volcano peaks. Stunning overflowing infinity pools are everywhere as are gushing waterfalls and cascading rivers. Another ideal way to embrace the expanding health trend is by going on nature walks in the scenic rice fields and tropical ravines of Ubud. There is no better way to stay fit and at the same time get up close to the culture, folklore and herbal medicine as you are introduced to trees with therapeutic properties.

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There are exclusive super deluxe spa villas located within dense jungles from where you can enjoy a spa treatment in the privacy of your room which overlooks the lush green forest. A tropical garden and an enchanting waterfall, makes for a magical place to relax and meditate.  The ultimate in luxury are the retreats which cater to a very limited number of people in order to provide top class service. These spacious  Balinese huts, come with a 25m pool, hanging vines to create a jungle like environment.

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Women have expressed their eagerness to visit Bali for wellness and yoga because of the number of high class retreats which cater to only women. The seven day packages offered here include exclusive spa treatments, yoga classes, health programs and outdoor activities like snorkeling, Indonesian cooking classes,rafting and market tours among others. For those who can stand up, adrenaline pumping surfing sessions are included.

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The special treatments include Ayurveda, reflexology, stone massage and acupuncture. Dietitians and doctors are on hand to offer constant advice. Heated hydrotherapy pools are in place for relaxing the sore body parts. The main reason why people flock to Bali is that they can have the best of both worlds in one destination – party and relaxation. There are so many wellness resorts, that one can easily slip away from the island’s party scene and revive the body doing yoga, meditation or simply communing with nature.

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Bali is the most popular destination with travelers from all corners of the planet. Beautiful beaches, warm climate all make an ideal backdrop for that perfect spa holiday. This is the only place where you can incorporate the Balinese way of life and their philosophies by detoxing the mind in these beautiful surroundings.   

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With just 900 odd inhabited islands, out of a total of over 17,000, Bali and Indonesia can claim to be the number one destination for holiday and relaxation.  Think infinity pools, yoga retreats, luxury villas with pools, beach yoga, surfing, meditating to sound of the waves and all these things can give you instant feeling of rejuvenation. You can easily say Bali is the ultimate place to unwind.  

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