Jet-Setting Japan: Rockin’ Around the Tokyo Robot Restaurant


Tokyo Robot Restaurant Toronto Seoulcialite Things to do in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Robot Restaurant Toronto Seoulcialite Things to do in Tokyo Japan

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

The Robot Restaurant is widely regarded as one of Tokyo’s most notorious tourist traps.  I had heard mixed reviews from friends and colleagues.  A friend who recently visited Tokyo said he loved seeing his boyfriend laugh like a giddy child throughout the show.  A fellow blogger and her gal pals said it was a waste of time and she wanted her money back.  This likely had to do with the fact that there was a $30 price discrepancy.

How to Get Discount Robot Restaurant Tickets

I scoured the internet for ways to get discount tickets for the Robot Restaurant.  Ultimately, the best deal was with Klook.  Instead of just getting your ticket for approximately $82, you get it for about $56 and it includes an alcoholic beverage.  The Klook website states that the deal includes:

  • Experience the high-tech laser displays and multi-colored lights 
  • Watch beautiful flashy dancers and glittering robots 
  • Have your choice of a variety of food options between robot show numbers (not included in ticket) 
  • Enjoy the wild music and laugh at all the bizarre routines with a Robot Restaurant discount 
  • Special Offers for Klook Customers:
  • Book the First Performance Offer (4:00 PM on specific dates) to get 2 exclusive FREE gifts: JPY500 drink coupon (good for 1 beer or 1 glass of wine) and pictures with the robots! ✖ (We got the drink coupon, but were shuffled out after the show too quickly to get pictures.)

Which Robot Restaurant Show Did We See?

We wanted the best deal on tickets Klook could offer.  We also wanted to have our evening free for dinner and other entertainment.  We caught the 4 PM show on a Saturday and got a great seat in the back row.  I would recommend this area if you’re more interested in the show than up close and personal pictures.  The front row has moments where the robots swing by and you have to pull in your feet and really lean back to avoid getting hit.

Is It Really a Robot Restaurant?

Honestly?  Not really.  The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is like a smaller version of Medieval Times.  There were options for lunchbox style meals, but the draw was the show.  I had heard it was like a Kawaii Strip Club with kooky robotic creatures.  That’s not the case.  You’ll see plenty of singers and dancers dressed up in colourful clothes that bare far more skin than you’d see in Korea.  Is any of it truly sexualized? I didn’t think so.  There’s plenty of alcohol to go around if you want to imbibe while enjoying the ride.  I personally found that the lights, music, costumes, and smiling faces of the performers was enough to have me grinning ear to ear.  If you’re looking to feel like a kid again, the Robot Restaurant may just be for you…at the right price!

Robot Restaurant Acts

The performers rotated through various costumes and styles of singing and dancing.  The opening act was a party to welcome the guests to the show.  Then, there were a variety of robot jousts with several different themes.  There were intermissions after each major act to buy refreshments and souvenirs.

Robot Restaurant Finale

The Robot Restaurant finale included all of the performers in brightly coloured or lit up costumes.  I felt like the finale was actually pretty short.  We were hustled out of the building pretty quickly.  Overall I’d say if you can get your Robot Restaurant tickets at a discounted price you’ll be happy with the experience.  Just know you’re walking into a tourist trap.  Let yourself be carried away!

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