Seoul-stagram Goals: 씨스루 C.THROUGH Cafe

Itaewon to Noksapyeong

I moved to Kyunglidan (Kyungridan?) at the beginning of March, 2017.  Having spent so much time up in Uijeongbu I haven’t meandered the backroads of the hill between Noksapyeong and Itaewon.  There are so many incredible little surprises along those backroads!  We took a perfectly sunny Sunday in Seoul and set out to find a hidden gem.  We were not disappointed when we stumbled upon C.THROUGH Cafe!

The C. THROUGH Cafe Vibe

We fell in love with this quaint little cafe!  While there isn’t a lot of seating, it’s modern restro and comfortable.  The music is chill and not overly loud.  I felt like if I could score the counter at the back it would be a great place to come and study or work.

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Instagram Faves

C.THROUGH Cafe has a pretty wicked instagram feed!  They haven’t updated all that much, but what they do post is airy and light.  The cafe itself is pretty similar!  I love the vibe of the whole place and can’t wait to return to try some of these delicious-looking treats.  We tried the burnt caramel drink (the one that looks like a s’more) and the chocolate mocha.  Both were available iced and, since Sunday was a scorcher, we went that route!  It didn’t seem to have any effect on the design of the drinks.  The size was perfect as each was quite sweet.  The s’mores-looking drink had bits of espresso bean (with crunch like a chocolate-covered bean).  My drink had a cute teddy bear face on it and reminded me of the iced hot chocolate at Serendipity in New York City.  The “Starry Night” latte I’ve been told you must order in advance.  Definitely reach out to get that perfectly insta-worthy beverage!

This shot reminds me of my most recent Cosmetic Treatment with Eunogo!

Which lips are more kissable?

We were just there for drinks, but it appears they have matcha (green tea) and tiramisu desserts, too, at C.THROUGH Cafe!


Accessing C.THROUGH Cafe

You can access this magical little street with brunch spots, dim sum, pizza joints, dessert restaurants, and C.THROUGH Cafe by either taking the street beside Nori Table (there’s a photo zone with a random swing) up the hill, or by walking up from where the church is in Kyunglidan.  There are plenty of delicious looking cafes and shops throughout the hill.  I’m itching to explore all of them!  Make sure to pass the parks and convenience stores and get to the height of the hill for the best spots!

We took a sunny Sunday in Seoul and set out to find a hidden gem and latte art.  We were not disappointed when we stumbled upon 씨스루 C.THROUGH Cafe! Itaewon Noksapyeong Korea

Contact 씨스루 C.THROUGH Cafe


Hours: Monday & Tuesday 14:00 – 10:00 Wednesday-Sunday 12:00 – 10:00

Address: 용산구 이태원동 403-3, 1층 403-3, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu

Do you have any suggestions for my next great Seoul cafe experience?  

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  1. Dino says:

    Great post, Kate. What a cool cafe. How can I contact the cafe to get one of those more intricate artworks put on my girlfriend’s coffee when we visit Seoul next month? I’ve heard that requests/orders need to be made two weeks in advance. Thanks for any help you can provide. Good luck with your blog.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Dino! I would get in touch with them through their instagram (listed at the bottom of the post). Would love to see what you get! Definitely message me a picture when you go 🙂

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