Seoulcialite Event: FUNgul Fitness Class (May 9th, 2017)

Fitness in Seoul

Looking for something original and fun to do on Presidential Election Day?  NEO Fitness Association International has a wicked event in the afternoon!  NeoGXClub is a pioneer in alternative exercise.  Looking to open Korea up to unique and original workout classes, founder Hajung Lee is constantly creating workouts for individuals of all levels of fit who want an alternative to the gym.

FUNgul Fitness

The people who brought us Trampoline Fit and Hoop Fit are introducing a new class.  If you have the day off, head South of the Han to Seocho-gu in Gangnam.  Don’t miss an intro to a brand new style of dance fitness on Tuesday May 9th!  Come out and get moving to “FUNgul”, a new movement where the steps follow the form of Hangul (the Korean lettering and language system).  Move to the beat as you learn the Korean alphabet.

Classes @ NeoGXClub

If this class is anything like trampoline, the instructor is very dynamic and motivating!  She has carefully constructed her program so that the class flies by.  You’re having so much fun that before you realize it you’ve done a workout benefiting your entire body.  You’re breaking a sweat all the while smiling!

Curious to see what it’s all about? Check it out!


NeoGXClub (Nonhyeon Station, Exit 3)

2F Geolim Building 545-21 Gangnam Daero


2:00-3:30 p.m.


10,000 won

Contact: // Call 02.511.4544 for more details

Steph Dare Dare.She.Goes

This article was originally written by Steph Dare (and was edited by The Toronto Seoulcialite with photos from Neo Fitness Association’s Facebook Page).  Make sure to check out this culturally curious Seoulcialite who has a penchant for fitness and culinary delights!

Have you taken any wicked alternative fitness classes in Seoul?  Make sure to leave the details in the comments below!

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