I Dream in SkyScanner: Taipei, Taiwan

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Taiwan – Heart of Asia

In 2013 I hosted the official opening event of the new Tourism Taiwan advertising campaign in Toronto.  I wasn’t sure Taipei or Taiwan was the “Heart of Asia”, but I’m ready to see!  Now, in 2017 after already trying once to make it to Taipei, I’ll be heading there on Thursday with my very adventurous co-pilot.  My search for flights for my trip to Taipei, Taiwan began on Skyscanner, but actually ended directly with China Airlines.

Buddha’s Birthday

The reason we get to jet off to Taipei is because of Buddha’s Birthday.  In various Asian countries, you’ll see lanterns and parades in preparation for the celebrations.  In Taoist Taipei, however, this time of year is for miracle doctor, Lord Bao Sheng:

“Traditionally, Baoan Temple’s Baosheng Emperor’s birthday is the major festivity for locals.In 1994 (year 83 of ROC), Baoan added some modern, humanistic spirits and cultural vigor to this traditional temple fair; hence the “Baosheng Cultural Festival” was launched.” – Dalongdon Baoan Temple

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Get Me to the Beach

I actually have a reason to get to the beach in Taipei!  Not only do I have a brand new Trifena Belle Swimsuit I’m eager to wear, there’s a temple by the water!  Dongxing Temple is at the Eastern end of this beach.  Apparently there’s an area where you might get some surf, but I think there are likely better spots in Taiwan to catch a wave!  Other temples of interest include: Mengjia Longshan Temple, Zhinan Temple, and Tian Yuan Temple.

Beef Noodles 牛肉麺 Taipei Taiwan Food
c/o taipeinavi.com

Food in Taipei

What would a Seoulcialite trip be without a foodie adventure?  I hear food in Taipei is cheap, cheerful, and plentiful.  I’ve been running circles around the track and the gym as this list is long.  I’m sure it’s not comprehensive, either.  I’m super excited to try the following researched delights (and anything else that comes my way)!

(Beef Noodles 牛肉麺 pictured above)

CHicken Cutlet Taipei Taiwan
c/o Pixnet.net

Chicken Cutlet 大雞排 

起司馬鈴薯 Potato Cheese 起司馬鈴薯 (which is only available in Shilin and XiMenDing Taipei Taiwan
Image c/o Nodedoo

Potato Cheese 起司馬鈴薯 (only available in Shilin/ XiMenDing).

 Flame Grilled Beef Cubes 火焰骰子牛 Taipei Taiwan

Flame Grilled Beef Cubes 火焰骰子牛

Deep Fried Taro Ball Taipei Taiwan
c/o http://cavinteo.blogspot.kr/

Deep Fried Taro Ball


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#Repost @infatuation_la with @repostapp. ・・・ "Growing up on Chinese food and frequently working in Asia, I will always be nostalgic for the cuisine. With an authentic Chinatown and San Gabriel Valley, LA has some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had. @dintaifungusa is worth the drive in neighboring Glendale. I love the Xiao Long Bao so much that I’m always tempted to order a second round so I can have them all to myself! They are juicy, soupy, and so delicious! I always round out my order with brown fried rice (veggie or shrimp), and some greens (either garlic broccoli or green beans). A great balanced meal so I never overdo it." – @adrianneho #EEEEEATS #InfatuationLAtakeover

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Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung

Hu Jiao Bing Kiln Baked Black Pepper Pork Buns ("Hu Jiao Bing") Taipei Taiwan
c/o itsmydish.com

Kiln Baked Black Pepper Pork Buns (“Hu Jiao Bing”)

Gua Bao Taipei Taiwan
c/o foodgawker.com

Gua Bao

Deep Fried Milk 炸牛奶 Taipei Taiwan

Deep Fried Milk 炸牛奶

Ice Cream Runbing

Dorayaki Ice Cream Taipei Taiwan
c/o picbear.com

Dorayaki Ice Cream

Taipei 101 Taipei Taiwan Toronto Seoulcialite Travel Blogger

Taipei Tourist Attractions

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Jiu Fen Old Street

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


Xiangshan (Taipei 101 view from Elephant Mountain)


Shilin Night Market


Raohe Street Night Market

Ningxia Night Market

Huashan 1914 Creative Park


Fort San Domingo

Presidential Office Building



Zhongzheng District


Golden Waterfall


Release a Lantern at Shi Fen Old Street


Beitou Hot Springs

Ps. Anyone know where this could be?  I want to check it out!

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Anything we’ve missed?  Make sure to tell us in the comments!

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