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In January and February I was doing a lot of…Seoul searching.  I was deliberating between heading back to Canada, traveling, and staying in South Korea.  I had been nursing a broken heart for a couple of months and felt like I really didn’t know where to turn.  Fellow blogger, Gillian Witter came to my rescue one night.  She dropped everything and got on Skype with me to let me talk out my fears and frustrations.  Gillian Witter is also a Spiritual Consultant, you see.  Before long, our girl-talk time turned from negative to positive.  I wanted to make necessary changes in my life.  Sometimes you just need someone to put it in perspective.  Sometimes, you need a little help from the stars…  

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

What originally brought you to Korea?

I actually wrote a blog about it.  (Here’s a little excerpt:)

(There was a particularly difficult) winter in Toronto…for me, emotionally and spiritually. I was fortunate to have people around me who gave me the space and support I needed to help me figure out my next steps. For years, I’ve wanted to teach and travel abroad. The timing was never right. The first spark of desire arouse when I graduated from university and wanted to teach in Japan. My boyfriend at the time gave me an ultimatum between our relationship and my desire to travel. I chose to stay in that relationship. The travel bug stayed dormant for five years. After that relationship ended, I attempted again to get a teaching gig in Japan. I was ready to proceed when the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 hit the country. Another four years have gone by and this past February, after coming out of a dark place, the desire surfaced again. This was the right time.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Korea? 

Friends, living abroad, being in an ideal place to travel in Asia, and Foooooood!

I love the friends that I’ve met so far.  Before I arrived in Korea, I had researched that Koreans are extremely racist.  When I arrived I had nothing but positive loving connections with not only Koreans but people from all around the world.

I really enjoy living aboard.  I love to be different from the rest. That’s a very easy thing to do in a monoculture such as Korea. I love learning about new cultures and customs.  It helps me grow as a person and learn more about others to have compassion and understanding.

Korea is in a prime spot to travel.  To travel to Asia from Toronto cost a pretty penny.  However, once you are here you can travel and experience all of Asia for a minimal amount of dollars.  Lastly, the food!  I love all the delicious food here in Korea.  I love japchae, galibi, and anything BBQed.  Life is great here in Korea.

What’s your favourite thing about Seoul in particular? 

Honestly, it’s people and food.  I love the good friendships I’ve developed in Seoul.  I feel I connected with like-minded people that love similar things such as energy work and trying to manifest our dreams.  I LOVE the food!  I love all the yummy restaurants and new places to discover.  I feel like a country mouse coming to the big city when I go to Seoul.  I love it!

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

Tell us a little about your services  

I offer a range of services such as Tarot Card Readings (one-on-one, small groups, and parties), Reiki energy healing, Energetic Space Clearing, Spiritual Cleanse, and BARS energy work.

My most popular service is tarot readings.  A tarot reading is an opportunity to discuss life events from a non-judgmental and different perspective. Your reading with me can help you get “out of your head,” choose where to go next, or feel reassured about your decisions or path. Our sessions are conversations, an opportunity to ask questions, and share as much or as little as you wish.

You will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance.  I am available in the evenings after 6:30 pm and on most weekends.  If we are not in the same city of Jincheon, Ochang, or Cheongju, and sometime Seoul, I am happy to offer Skype readings.

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

What makes your style stand out?

My approach stands out.  My main intention is healing and empowerment.  It is very important for me that clients feel comfortable with me. I also like to teach others about the cards, so that they can make an informed decision about working with me.  I create a safe space for you to look at the events, circumstances, and relationships in your life from a new perspective.  Not every reader does the same thing.

My regular clients come to me because I am honest and share personal stories of my journey and healing process. Finding the right reader is like finding the right hairdresser. You need to do your research, try a few places, and get recommendations, if you hope to consult someone long term.

This work requires trust and connection. I recommend consulting the reader to get to know them a bit, before you do a reading. You will hear about their experiences and their own healing journey. A good reader must do their work: they need their own emotional healing, too. This is important because readings are so personal. You don’t want the reader’s emotional energy to cloud or pour into a reading. Also, you’ll want to see a reader who is constantly trying to improve and evolve. This a strong, positive sign that they will be able to understand, relate, and share sound information, so you can learn how to connect to it and act upon it.

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

Tell us about some of the packages you offer


How much lead time might people need to book you? 

Depending on our schedules, a reading can be booked on the same day.

On what kind of projects would you prefer to work?

I would have a healing retreat centre in Hawaii on the beach.  I would like to work more with though who want to heal their family emotional pain and live a more full-fill life.  I would do that through energy healing, family constellations, and psychotherapy.

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

Share one of your favourite memories  

My favourite memory was working with a client that was about to get married.  She felt there was some energetic baggage hanging around her that need to be cleared.  We worked together to do a spiritual cleanse and a tarot reading.  She was so moved by the experience two of the cards that was in the reading her and her partner got tattoos about it.  Then, when it was time to get married, they asked me to spiritually officiate the wedding.  Officiating the wedding was the most moving beautiful experience.

Here’s her testimonial:

Gillian Witter has always known her to be a compassionate, loving spiritually connected person. She has been a source of support to me through her caring heart, warm hugs and kind soul. Gillian Witter helped me through a very difficult time by providing me with a spiritual cleanse and tarot reading. This experience changed my life. Through her empathy, kindness and her unique ability to help me open my heart, I was able to not only overcome but thrive through this transition period in my life. The experience was both accurate on so many levels as well as empowering for my future. The processes of the spiritual cleanse and reading was so profound that both myself and my partner have since gotten tattoos (King and Queen of Cups) which were part of Gillian’s reading. Before this experience I had always been skeptical of alternative healing. Gillian Witter helped me by providing an environment of non-judgment and loving support so that I could open myself up to the possibilities in the universe. I consider Gillian Witter a personal and spiritual role model. She has always accepted me for who I am at each moment in my life, at the same time inspiring me to grow continually. We have asked Gillian Witter to spiritually officiate our upcoming marriage because she represents all we believe is true in this life. Gillian Witter believes in Love, Empathy, and Compassion.

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

Learn More about Gillian Witter!

Website: https://www.gillianwitter.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gillianoliviawitter

My travel blog : http://gillianwitter.wixsite.com/thesoulfulwanderlust

Gillian Witter Seoulcialite Korea Expats

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