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Welcome to #ASIATRAVCHAT – a Q & A based on traveling and living as expats in Asia. The goal is to make new friends, follow interesting accounts, and connect with others you might meet on your travels!  We’re thrilled to have the chance to learn more about other bloggers throughout Asia, tour operators, experiences, hotels, hostels, travel experts, and (of course) our readers!

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This week’s questions:

Q1 Which #Asian city has the best #subway system? #AsiaTravChat #Asia #TravelTuesday

Q2 Are there any countries in which you’d rather bus than train or fly? #AsiaTravChat

Q3 Which #airline in #Asia has the best #food? #AsiaTravChat

Q4 How do you handle long layovers or treks? #AsiaTravChat #Asia

Q5 Do you have any #trip hacks for booking transportation? #AsiaTravChat #Asia

Q6 Do you have any “never again” transportation tales? #AsiaTravChat #Asia

Last Week’s Questions:

Q1 Name your top 3 Asian foods and where can I eat them? #AsiaTravChat

Q2 Where can you eat the best street food in Asia OR Why don’t you like street food? #AsiaTravChat

Q3 What’s the craziest food you’ve eaten (or avoided) in Asia. Share a photo if you have one! #AsiaTravChat

Q4 Have you ever taken a cooking class in Asia? Tell us about it! If not tell us what you would want. #AsiaTravChat

Q5 Share a photo of a delicious Asian meal and tell us what it is! #AsiaTravChat

Q6 If you had to pick one Asian cuisine to eat forever which would it be? #AsiaTravChat

February 7th’s round-up of questions:

Q1 Share a photo of you in your fave Asian Destination!
Q2 Where is your fave place to spend the “winter” (Dec-Feb) in Asia?
Q3 What is your fave thing about living or traveling in Asia?
Q4 What is your fave travel story from your time in Asia?
Q5 What is your fave Asian food?
Q6 Where is your fave beach in Asia?

January 31st round-up of questions:

Q1 What is your name, from where are you tweeting, & how long have you been in Asia?

Q2 Do you know any Asian languages? Teach us how to say hello & thank you, please!

Q3 How many Asian countries have you visited and which was your favorite?

Q4 What is your least favorite thing about living or traveling in Asia?

Q5 Where have you experienced the most culture shock traveling Asia?

Q6 What was your first Asian vacation and why should I or shouldn’t I go there?

How to join #AsiaTravChat

Its easy. Simply log onto twitter and use the hashtag #AsiaTravChat on Tuesday January 31st starting at 7pm KST (Korean Standard Time)!

Not in Korea? #AsiaTravChat is in your city, too! The more the merrier from far and wide:

3:30pm New Delhi
5pm Bangkok
6pm Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei & Manilla
7pm Seoul & Tokyo
9pm Sydney
11pm Auckland

We will tweet out questions every 10 minutes with the Q1, Q2, etc. to help everyone stay organized.
Answer each question using A1, A2, etc.
Feel free to ask your own questions using #AsiaTravChat!


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The first #AsiaTravChat is Jan 31st at 7pm KST. Join @LiveTravelTeach @expatandthecity & @TOSeoulcialite to chat #Asia! #ttot #TravelTuesday

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  1. Samantha says:

    Looking forward to the chat! It’ll be cool to meet others in the region and get some tips for Asia travel!

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