Happy, Healthy, Fit: Easy Weight Loss Tips!

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Easy Weight Loss Tips!

While relationship weight gain can be avoided, it’s not always fun to keep a strict diet and work out when dating.  When H was in town I knew we wouldn’t have long together, so I took him to some of my favourite restaurants.  We went to Guilty PleasureBraai Republic, and enough other restaurants for my instagram feeds (@TorontoSeoulcialite and @ThatGirlCartier) to be full of tasty eats.  We also ate enough for me to have written Seoulfood: 12 Korean Dishes for Picky Eaters.  From the time we met in August (on the 7th in Phuket, not Chiang Mai :P) I gained about 13 lbs.   Over the past week I’ve dropped almost 7 lbs.  Easy weight loss is possible!

How I lost 7 lbs in a week.

A Diet in the Life

If I’m not socializing, my diet is almost exactly the same every day:


Breakfast: A banana, protein powder and water (I get mine from iHerb – Get 10% off your first order by clicking here), and a coffee.  If I’m really hungry I’ll add a 99 calorie Dr. You bar.

Easy Weight Loss Tips - Diet Recipes

Lunch and Dinner: My salad is loaded with yummy vegetables, cheese, and either chicken or eggs.  If you’re using a fried egg, keep the yolk runny.  You won’t need any salad dressing!  If avocado isn’t crazy expensive (they’re $3 here sometimes…each!) then that’s also a great dressing substitute.  I like to use lettuce, purple cabbage, a yellow or red pepper (sometimes a little of both), cucumber, grape tomatoes, sometimes chickpeas, sometimes onions, sometimes grilled zucchini.  If you load up your salad with fresh ingredients you won’t feel so hungry throughout the rest of the day.

If I’m still hungry I’ll have an apple (sometimes with a bit of peanut butter), more cucumber slices, another protein shake (with just water they’re only 120 calories and have 25 grams of protein), or some more  chicken.  If I’m really craving carbs, I like to have avocado on 1 piece of toast with a soft-boiled egg (above).  The point is to listen to your body.  If your diet is particularly bad (we’ve all been there), your first 3 days you’ll be hungry.  The good news is that once you get the sugar addiction out of your system you’ll start craving healthy options.


Lazy AM Workout

My typical day starts a little like this:

6:25 AM – Wake up.  Hit Snooze

6:45 AM – Wake up.  Put on gym clothes I set out the night before.  Take out lunch and dinner I packed up the night before.

7: 00 AM – Head over to the gym.

7:15 AM – Step on treadmill.  Jog @ 12 km/ hr for 3 minutes.  Walk @ 8 km/ hr for 1 minute.  Repeat until you hit 20 minutes (if you’re just starting out then do what feels right for you!  At first I was walking at 6.5 km/ hr for a minute and jogging at 13 km/ hr for a minute).  Sometimes I’ll go much harder and faster, but this is my “at least I made it” workout.

7: 35 AM (ish) Head over to the free-weight area.

  • Grab 2 x  7 kg – 9 kg dumbbells depending on the day.  Do 3 sets of 15 dumbbell rows.
  • Hit the mat and do 10 reps of chest flys.
  • Drop the weights and do 20 crunches.
  • Repeat your set of chest flys in between sets of crunches.  Alternate your 20 crunches to the right, back to centre, to the left, and back to centre to finish up.
  • Grab 2 x 3 kg – 5 kg dumbells.  Do 15 Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Presses.  Do 15 Military Press with Leg Extension (on the right side).  Stay on the right side and move to do 15 lunges with biceps curls.  Rest for a minute then repeat on the left side after another set of dumbbell squat to shoulder presses.  Finish off with one more set (of squat to shoulder presses).
  • The above exercises should get a working comfort in the free-weight zone at the gym.  If you can, ask a trainer or manager to help you out with any exercises you want to try.  It’s safer, and a great way to make a connection with the staff at your gym.  If they’re comfortable with you, they’ll be more willing to help you out as you progress.

Easy Weight Loss Tips - The Toronto Seoulcialite

Excuses, Excuses

Dropping weight is not as tough as we make it out to be.  The problem is that we let weighty issues get out of hand, and once we’re ready to do something about it we often give up too easily.  Most of us don’t expend enough energy every day to offset the number of calories we take in.  Make sure to calculate how many calories you need to take in to achieve your weight loss goals (here’s a good tool).  Download MyFitnessPal and be honest when submitting your daily meals, snacks, exercise, and water.  Even if you just submit your weight weekly you’ll find you’re more accountable.



Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

I bought a big tupperware bin so I can make a big salad every Monday night.  Usually I’ll consume 3-4 chicken breasts every couple of days, so if my veggies are chopped up and ready to go it’s nice and easy to move them over to smaller tupperware containers for lunch and for dinner.  I use 3/4 of a cap-full of olive oil when I cook two chicken breasts.  I cook them in a pan over low heat with about a tablespoon of crushed garlic and a freshly chopped spicy pepper.  I keep pretty consistent most of the week, and allow myself to have treat meals within moderation.


Easy Weight Loss Tips:

Cook for yourself.  If you’re buying pre-packaged goods you won’t always know how they’ve been prepared, how much sodium they contain, or how much a serving is (especially if you’re in a foreign country).  Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% fitness, so if you’re only going to explore one, fix your diet!

  • If you’re teaching English, request to stop eating school lunches.  My tiny school lunches forced me to fill up on rice.  I hadn’t prepared snacks or meals in advance I would end up eating unhealthy snacks they serve the kids mid-afternoon.

  • Join a gym.  Even if it’s a basic gym with a treadmill, a bike, and some free weights as winter weather starts hitting us harder you won’t want to exercise outside.  Home workouts are a great way to build confidence, but more often than not you’ll find yourself on a Netflix binge, or worse!
  • Download MyFitnessPal.  Be accountable for what goes into your body and how much you’re working out.

  • Allow yourself treats (in moderation).  That ice cream?  We split it!  After a full week of being truly dedicated, allow yourself a meal out with friends.  If you’re going for pizza you don’t have to limit yourself to one slice, but don’t let your whole week derail by eating an entire pizza.  Go thin crust with lots of toppings you crave and split it with a friend.  Get a fresh salad to share if you’re still hungry.

  • Stick to clear liquids and red wine.  You’ll probably still be partying through your easy weight loss.  If you’re not going out and socializing that’s a sure-fire way to give up.  Vodka or Gin with Club Soda and lemon or lime are great options.  Don’t go the tonic route.  Tonic Water boasts about as many calories as a full sugar Coca-Cola.  If you’re having more than a glass of wine then go the red route.  You wanted to know how I did it, right?


Remember – while it’s easy weight loss, it’s still a marathon, not a sprint!  This is the rest of your life, not a crash diet.  If you find healthy eats you enjoy and let yourself indulge a couple of times a week, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Here’s to a healthy, happy, fit you!

Make sure to check out my Travel Fitness Tips, too!  

Got any other easy weight loss tips for gals on the go?  Leave them in the comments!


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry says:

    Awesome tips! I love trying to stay healthy and fit while traveling.. sadly, it isn’t always as easy as I think it will be.

  2. Megan Indoe says:

    You have some great tips in here for weight loss. I always tried to stay clear away from those sweet americanos and granola bars in Korea. They add so much EXTRA sugar to everything, even plain yogurt! I ended up being successful with cooking almost every meal with lean meats and vegetables and stayed away from rice. That all went to hell once we started traveling again though. And as I got closer to 30 I noticed that my stubborn areas that bothered me most would barely change even with crazy workout regimes and eating healthy! UGH getting old! Check out gmarket and Costco, they have frozen peeled avocado halves by the pound and are the most cost effective way to consume avocados in Korea! I would go through a bag a week!

    1. Kate says:

      Oooh good call on the avocados! Gmarket really has it all!

    2. Nicole says:

      Megan, that is an amazing tip on the avocadoes!!!!!

  3. I always love finding out how other people do it, especially living abroad/away from home. I battled initially to keep up my gym and healthy eating when i moved to Korea, but finally feel like I’ve got in the groove. We all feel the motivation drop at some point though – that’s where I am now with the colder weather and darker mornings. I used to work out in the park 3 mornings a week and go to Yoga in the evening twice a week. The mornings are on pause at the moment though haha (gotta get that back before we go to South Africa in winter-their summer- in December!), but at least i still have the yoga going! Great job on your success and motivation! You look wonderful!

  4. Rocio Cadena says:

    Awesome post Kate!! I consider myself a health nut but love to indulge because we only live once! However, I make sure to eat healthy about 70ish percent of the time and the rest I eat whatever I want. I also exercise regularly because I love it and it allows me to eat more of what I want (haha). I think the main thing with weight is that we should understand basic nutrition which unfortunately a lot of people don’t. And as you said at the end, eating well should be a lifestyle and not a temporary diet to achieve certain results.

    1. Kate says:

      Absolutely! People who need to achieve significant initial weightloss can’t subscribe to that method, but once you’re at a healthy weight then…you’ve gotta live a little!

  5. Great post Kate and you look fabulous! I find it that going to the gym just became such a chore after a while and all of those exercises seemed so monotonous. These days I’m dancing my way to good health, so I found myself some Zumba classes. I’m having a blast, while the calories are flying away. I’d recommend anyone to find a fitness activity that makes you happy, like swimming or biking around the city. I heard that food is 70% of a plan to be healthy and lose weight. You’re doing such a great job with all those veggies, protein shakes and small sugar intake – thank you for sharing!

  6. Nicole says:

    Well done for staying so motivated- you look amazing! I also love preparing my meals ahead of time. There’s absolutely no excuse to pig out when you’re prepared! I also skipped out on my school lunches last year. I felt like all the rice was doing me no good. My co-workers kind of alienated me afterwards and felt quite offended which really sucked, though. Also, thank you for including red wine in your diet tips! hahha my favourite poison <3

  7. Nicky says:

    Wow, great tips! And you look great!
    I love working out and I wish I could go to the gym every morning like you! Unfortunately, I work from 6:30am to 10:00pm so I have NO TIME at home. I am only at home (awake) for 2 hours, and the rest of the time I am sleeping. So far, I am hoping that me walking to and fro from job to job is ‘exercise’.
    The biggest challenge for me is diet. I think I should start eating more breakfast bars and protein shakes like you. Maybe I’ll try iherb 🙂

    1. Kate says:

      Iherb is awesome! If i were rich quest bars would be my goto

  8. Shane says:

    You look fabulous! I’ve been trying to prep more of my own meals and cut back on alcohol lately. It’ll pay off soon enough!

  9. I guess it needs so much motivation, well done! You made it and you look great! Keeping the routine for a long period is what I think is the most difficult for me… Very inspiring post, thank you for these great tips!

  10. Sheri says:

    Your tips are great and you look lovely. Weight loss is all about discipline, I am a sugar addict and almost can never resist anything sweet I am trying to be more conscious about healthy eating but it is so hard. Saving this post.

  11. blair villanueva says:

    Yay! I felt motivated to dump my laziness and kick my ass to the treadmill, hahaha. Thank you so much!

  12. Laveena Sengar says:

    Well I have seen your pictures on Instagram. You look so cute and this is awesome. It must be a great feeling 🙂

  13. Losing weight is hard if you do not have the proper knowledge and dedication. I think this information will help a lot of people.
    It’s a must read to anyone who wants to look and feel good. I love to share this to them. Anyway, thanks for providing this.

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