How to get to Seokbulsa Temple

I’ve heard about a number of people getting lost en route to Seokbulsa, a temple in Busan, South Korea. Here are directions and some footage on getting there from Mandeok Station. I think this is the most straightforward route (as you can also hike from Hwamyeong or Oncheonjang).


Most directions to this temple are overly complicated. Just get to
Mandeok Exit 2 and keep following the road until you reach
the temple (60-90 minutes).

1. Take the subway to Mandeok Station.
2. Go straight out of exit #2.
3. Keep going straight.
4. Bear left as the street splits.
5. Eventually, you’ll pass through an area with a bunch of love
motels and a GS25 (convenience store). You’re now about
halfway to the temple.
6. Keep going!


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