Weekend Warriors: Cafe Ean // H&M Home!


 On a quiet street in Gwangan, you’ll find a buzzing brunch spot a few blocks away from Gwangalli Beach.  Take exit 5 from Geumnyeonsan Station, walk straight for a block, then turn left.  Walk down toward the water for 2 blocks then turn left.  Cafe Ean awaits you there!

There are a few different rooms in this precious, kitschy cafe, but to make space for 7 hungry English Teachers we had to wait a bit.  We were fine to sit on their little patio and catch up while looking at the menu.  They had so many delicious sounding items!  L and I chose to share the Gorgonzola Crepe and the Chicken Salad, but most people opted either for the set lunch menu or a yogourt parfait and a crepe.  The portions are massive, so don’t be scared off by the prices (which would be super cheap in Toronto, we’re just used to being more budget-conscious and having some cheaper options here in Busan).  I would encourage you to share an entree and if you’re not fully satiated then get something else! 

Blueberry and granola yogourt parfait (not sure on the price – this was someone else’s meal).

The gorgonzola crepe (KRW 10,000) was MASSIVE!  The crepe itself was nice and thin with a mild bleu chees and mozzarella, I believe.  It came with real maple syrup which we used sparingly.  Between the two of us we had a tough time finishing it!  I also tried the nutella and coconut crepe which was amazing.  It didn’t have an overpowering amount of coconut.  It was fantastic.  Next time I’d like to try the ham and cheese crepe! 

The Chicken Salad (KRW 13,000) was a fresh combination of an entire avocado (hello value!), grapefruit, grilled chicken breast, and lettuce.  It comes with a giant ramekin of balsamic dressing which we drizzled sparingly over the salad.  It had some many wonderful flavours it didn’t really need salad dressing.  Again, this is something I would share with a friend (we were full before the crepe arrived!). 

The french toast came WITH that plate of eggs, salad, bacon, sausages, and hashbrowns.  The set was KRW 13,000.  What a deal!  That totally could have been shared between two people.  I hear the french toast is to die for so I might have to head back for that.

Figs are apparently in season, so S had to try the blueberry, fig, and granola yogourt parfait!

After brunch we didn’t really have plans so we went up to Seomyeon and wandered around for a while.  L got some shirts at H&M, I tried to find boots, and we paused for frozen-yogourt before remembering the new NC Department Store in Seomyeon is open…and has a brand new H&M (yes…there are two H&M locations within walking distance of one another, and still no Forever 21 or other western brands that might fit our styles, bodies, and budgets).

On the 2nd floor of H&M we found H&M Home!  I had no idea they had a home decor line, but the items were pretty cool.  A little on the pricy side (come on H&M – we know this ain’t quality), they had tons of pillows, blankets, beach towels, duvet covers (but no sheets – what is with Korea and not using sheets?), as well as seasonal decorations with tons of glitter and sequins.  I really like the colour combinations they had, but realistically there’s no space for most of the items I would want, and what I really need (fitted sheets!) just wasn’t available.

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