Weekend Warriors: Tredita Pizzeria


Last night The Dudettes were playing at Ol’ 55 in KSU, so we decided to grab some nosh in advance of the show.  This was a great excuse to try out Tredita for their wood-oven pizza.  I’ve really been craving awesome crust and Pizza School has just not been hitting the spot.

To find Tredita, head to Kyungsung University Subway Station and take exit 5.  At the top of the stairs pull a quick U-Turn, follow the main road as it curves around and then keep going straight down.  You’ll pass Paris Baguette, Man in the Kitchen, and finally when you see Subway (sandwiches) take your first right.  From there, Tredita is right ahead of you at the end of the street.

It was pretty slow when we arrived at 6:30 PM, and we were sat upstairs since we had a group of 5.  I would definitely suggest sitting on the 2nd floor if you have the option, as the decor is pretty cool and they have comfy banquettes.  There are also power outlets available so I was able to charge my phone after being out and about all day (there was no way I was going from Hwamyeong to KSU to Seomyeon then back to Hwamyeong only to go back to KSU).  We wanted to try a bunch of different things, so we ordered 3 pizzas (small size) and a salad to share.  I apologise for the quality of the snaps – the girls were ravenous and I didn’t have much of an opportunity to get pictures!

The $9 salad was pretty tasty, but considering there were 5 of us we just got a few leaves each and the bread went quickly.  Romaine, grape tomatoes, parmesan, and balsamic vinaigrette for $9 is a LOT by Korean pricing standards.

Prosciutto e rucola $15

This pizza was pretty tasty, but not my favourite of the bunch.  I enjoyed that it had a pesto sauce rather than tomato, and the arugula, tomatoes, and balsamic drizzle were refreshing.

Gorgonzola e funghi $13

I expected this pizza to be pretty bold considering the blue cheese factor, but it was actually really mild.  I would have liked a stronger flavour from this pizza.  The roasted garlic was perfect, there weren’t too many mushrooms, and the crust was exactly was I was hoping for – crunchy and chewy and not too thick.

Diavola – $11

Being named “Devilish”, I thought this one would be spicy.  It was not spicy at all.  This one had tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, and black olives.  It was pretty basic, but I think it was a hit.  Next time I think I would try the Margherita pizza since it seems they can do a good sauce to cheese ratio and their crust is bomb.

Our bill came to about $50, so $10 a person to feel almost full, and definitely not stuffed.  I think there are a few kinks to work out flavour-wise (and they could definitely add a wine list…though I’m not complaining about $2.50 pints of beer) but they have the crust down pat and can roast garlic like it’s a science.  They have a rooftop terrace too, so while I don’t think it’ll be a fantastic view, I can definitely see myself enjoying some ‘za in the sunshine next summer.

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