I dream in Skyscanner part I

I want to see everything and go everywhere.  I’ve traveled pretty extensively throughout Europe, I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in China, England, The United States, and South Africa, and I still feel like I haven’t even started to see the world!  Being in Korea just makes me want to jet set each and every week do a different dazzling locale, but it’s much more expensive to travel from Korea than it is from Thailand or Vietnam.  Because my primary goal of coming to Korea was to pay off debt and get my savings account rocking I’ve had to choose some more frugal options when it comes to taking my vacation.  My vacation days came pre-selected by my employer, so I really only have long weekends here and there.  My longest vacations are Chuseok and New Years and even they aren’t full weeks off so it doesn’t really make sense to plan my trips to Thailand, Cambodia, or India – places I want to explore to the fullest.
At the end of July I’m taking my first international trip since arriving in Korea.  I’m traveling with 3 people to Osaka, Japan!  Our hostel sounds incredible (apparently they plan activities for the guests) and I’m really excited to travel with this crew.


I’ve made a tentative schedule just to map out things I want to see and do.  I’m sure we’ll do certain things together but that I’ll also end up doing some of these things alone.  Make sure to consult several blogs to get excited for your trip and to get the insider secrets!  In particular, I’d suggest heading over to City Cookie’s 5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Japan!
Wednesday: Arrive in Osaka in the afternoon and head over to the St. Regis for afternoon tea.  Check in at the hostel and spend the evening in Dotonbori.
Thursday:  Universal Studios Express Pass – just to see Harry Potter World and check out some rides.  Potentially visit Umeda Sky Building & Floating Garden Observatory and Osaka Castle in the afternoon and Tsutstenkaku at night or back to Dotonbori.  Maybe check out a club just to see what the scene is like and get some dancing in (or save that until Friday – whichever works).
Friday:  Hit up the Temples and Shrines and then check out more of the local nightlife/ food in the evening.
Saturday: Kate flies back to Busan/ Gimhae but will probably have a little bit of time to do something in the morning (fingers crossed the Ferris Wheel!).
Areas of interest:
Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Umeda Sky Building & Floating Garden Observatory
The Drunken Clam – English Karaoke Bar in Osaka.  Ghost Ultra Bar, Club Picadilly (they have aerial artists)
Universal Express Pass 5 – Harry Potter World
Tsutenkaku area and tower at night
Dotonbori area at night
St. Regis Hotel (afternoon tea $28 tax included– and the area is supposed to be like the Champs Elysees)


Shitennoji Temple
Sanko Shrine
Namba Yasaka Shrine
Have you been to Osaka?  Any suggestions for me?  Leave them in the comments!
I’ve also booked my flight to Shanghai for September.  Tell me what to do and where to go!

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