Teacher Kimbap


Kim Seon Saeng: If you see this Kimbap Chain make sure to head inside and check it out.  Not that my kimbap experiences have exactly been vast, but having lived in Vancouver I experienced my fair share of sushi and kimbap and know what I like (and this, my friends, I liked!).

My Hangul-reading skills are slowly improving, but the first time I went in I was told that the roll I thought was Donkatsu (Pork Cutlet) was actually deep-fried jelly fish so I erred on the safe side and went with Bulgogi.

It was delicious, but not quite the life-changing experience that a fellow Hwamyeong-dong Foreigner had expressed I was about to experience.

I went back the next day to try the cream cheese kimbap (carrots and other veggies, pickled radish, a candied walnut and Korea’s version of cream cheese which I can only equate to Laughing Cow Cheese) and the next day I returned…and for 2 days after that.  This kimbap involves a lot more veggies and as such a lot less rice.  It’s fresh and crisp and one roll makes a perfect treat as dinner after the gym (after all it is just across the street!).

It comes wrapped up in a cute little box with wooden chopsticks and a wet-nap – key if you’re on the go!

If you’re in Seoul and other major cities I do believe there are a few situated throughout Korea I’ve just not been able to find too much information about them.  If that changes I’ll be sure to update!

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