How do you Sunday Funday?


I’ve been staying in on Saturday nights to take full advantage of Sunday mornings and it’s been paying off.  The past couple of Sundays have been pretty spectacular.  Great friends, great food, lots of walking – just a grand ol’ time before heading back to work on Monday (let’s be candid – my job is great and I don’t start work until 12 PM Noon so every weekend feels a little longer than back home!).

Last weekend I was going to go to Jinhae for the Cherry Blossom Festival but the weather wasn’t great (it ended up raining) and the air quality was giving me a headache.  The bus to Jinhae would have been nearly an hour after a 20 minute subway ride and I just wasn’t ready for that.


After wandering around trying to find a salad bar (not quite as advertised – it ended up actually being a Vietnamese Hot Pot restaurant), we went over to an Italian spot that advertised several salads and thin crust pizza.  I’ve found that most of my friends and I have similar tastes so we can usually split a couple of interesting dishes and be reeeeaaaaallly happy!

The spicy garlic chicken pizza at Pasta Vanita was actually quite spicy (and I put chili flakes on everything).  The salad hit the spot with a lovely balsamic dressing and thinly sliced apples.

We found a pretty rad little arcade with mini-norebang rooms.  The Paradise Coaster was a pretty epic 4D Dinosaur experience (and we got to wear pretty spectacular and fashion-forward glasses).

We topped the evening off with my absolute favourite food I’ve had in Korea: Chicken from Monster Craft Brewing!  The above image is a half portion…can you believe it?  We also found some adorable calico kittens that reminded me of my childhood pet, Angel.

This weekend’s Sunday Funday we ventured out into Gwangan (Gwangali Beach).  I discovered a place with fantastic margaritas, tasty tacos, and a wicked patio called “Fuzzy Navel”.  Apparently there are a few different bar. restaurant concepts under the Fuzzy Navel Company, and I got myself a membership card because I have a Korean phone number now and I’m allowed to do stuff.  Wa-hoooo!

Gwangali Beach is the ultimate mix of Wasaga Beach, Vancouver vibes, the concentrated area of bars in Miami, and Korean spots.  There are also a ton of Sushi restaurants I’m dying to try.  Summer here is going to be unreal.

My lime Margarita was tasty and I ordered the breakfast tacos (that were supposed to have eggs on them I’m pretty sure, but avocado and bacon made me pretty happy).

We were told that Beached Bar had a wicked view so that’s where we headed next.  Mark and Craig were great hosts and it was cool to talk about some of their experiences in Korea as well as back home in Manchester and Christchurch, respectively.  The vibe was really cool, the music spot on, and the company fantastic.  Then came the Marmite…

We were still a bit hungry after the tacos so K had my fries and I had an interesting skewer of really awesome sausage (not Korean “hot dog” sausage), a couple of potatoes, chicken tenders, tomato (yummm), and mushrooms (double yummmm).  We’ll certainly be back to Beached Bar for some sporting events (and Australia Day…next…year…).

I discovered the panorama setting on my phone so just get excited for some pictures of the water, okay?

We walked down to the seawall and all the way around and back up to KSU enjoying some of the last buds on the trees this time of year.

We were really jonesing for some Indian food but were unable to find it (if you know where to get Indian food in KSU please let me know in the comments!).  We decided to take a chance on a little nook near the KSU subway station and it did not disappoint.  Our Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pizza had the perfect amount of crust, some really nice seeds and slivered almonds, and was a good size to share.  at KRW 14,000 it was really good value.  We’ll certainly be back to “Man in the Kitchen” soon for its great atmosphere and delicious pizza.  Take a closer look at the kitchen in the photos and you’ll see the Chefs being adorable and posing!

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