An unexpectedly Korean night in Toronto


Last year I was fortunate enough to have been given tickets to one of Toronto’s most successful charity galas: Motionball.  When I found out that they were looking for volunteers this year I thought I should probably step up to the plate and give back a little.  I was a day of event manager for the registration and coat check areas.  The event had been expertly planned and my job was really easy because of all the work the committee had put in, and after about 8 hours of participation I got to enjoy the party!

The music was awesome, the decor was simple and tasteful, and although I had several friends who were at the event there were over 2,000 guests in attendance and I just couldn’t find them.  I made a new friend while I was in line for a drink and we danced and socialized with other party guests and were just generally silly and having a good time.  Being that registration ended at midnight I didn’t have much time to enjoy the party, but I also didn’t want to go home right away.  Since I’m leaving Toronto in two weeks I’ve made a bit of a bucket list of places I’ve wanted to check out in a very short amount of time (stay tuned for that post).  It’s tough because I’m trying to save money in advance of my trip but I also want to have fun with friends I won’t see for at least a year (unless they come visit me – hint…hint…!).  K, my new friend from Motionball, her new gentleman acquaintance, and I met up with my friend and champagne brunch companion, B, at Vesta Lunch – a spot I always pass when I walk up Bathurst on the way to work and a place I’ve always wondered about a little!  It’s a tiny little diner run by a man from Seoul coincidentally and he assured me I am going to have an amazing time abroad.  A milkshake and some good chats later we hailed a cab and headed down to Bathurst and Bloor (Toronto’s Koreatown) for some late night good times. 

BMB Karaoke was where I had my first Korean Norebang (Karaoke) experience.  With private rooms I expected we’d be able to go in and rock out – no such luck.  We got our private room, sure, but nearly everything was in Korean – a language I haven’t quite mastered yet.  We got all excited when we found “More than Words” in the songbook.  It was one of just a few English songs, and really – Extreme is a go to Karaoke tune!  Now that I’ve googled it I’m kind of into it, but last night I was just not down with expectations and reality not aligning, and we also couldn’t get the effects off the mic (the reverb was INTENSE).  By 4 am (yes, 4 am.  WHAT?!) I was in a cab and heading home.  A perfectly unexpectedly Korean night in Toronto.  Seoul – I can’t wait.

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