30 days and counting


There is officially less than a month until I leave Toronto to go stay with my parents in Port Hope in the days leading up to my departure.  Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday I received a lovely little email reminding me that Moksha Yoga missed me (because I haven’t practiced since March of 2014).  I had received correspondence like this before, but only now was it offering me $100 off a month-long unlimited membership.  I found it coincidental to receive this email the morning of the 20th – exactly 1 month before I peace outta T. 

I had been considering heading back to hot yoga a couple of months ago, but it’s really expensive.  I’m not talking like pricy but you’ll stretch the budget, Yoga studios in Toronto’s downtown core will run you over $2,000 a year if you want to practice at your leisure.  That’s my gym membership plus training, plus towel service, and I just couldn’t afford it.  When this opportunity floated into my inbox I jumped at the chance to stretch and sweat it out.

Saturday after hanging out with my parents (and after spending way too much money on shoes and gifts for the Directors at my new school) I headed over to the gym and spent 2 hours doing some cardio and a lot of weights.  By Monday morning my quads and hamstrings were still sore enough that walking up stairs and sitting down hurt, but Mark Sparks and I had made plans to work together both Monday and Tuesday – and work we sure did!  I love how he’s really beginning to switch up my work outs and mentally and physically preparing me for working on my own in South Korea.  It’s likely I won’t be able to get a gym membership until my Alien Registration Card comes through.  I won’t even have internet or a phone until that’s approved, so I’ll really be focusing on repeating movement from memory ad ensuring time management in all aspects of my new life and in my workouts in a new environment.

After 3 kick-ass workouts in 4 days I was pretty tired, but my friend Jocelyne and I decided to head over to the movies to see Taken 3.  Jocelyne’s the type of friend who is always ready for the next adventure and doesn’t really say no to activities.  I know that when an event pops up she’ll usually trek out if she’s available and we’ll have a blast.  I will definitely miss her, and hope that the next time she heads back to Malaysia we can link up!

It was a late movie and by the last 20 minutes of action-packed fun my eyes started to droop and using my gym bag as a pillow I passed right out and woke up just in time to see the credits rolling.  This did not bode well for the 6:15 AM practice for which I had registered online.

At 5:50 AM when my alarm went off I thought something was wrong.  When I realised it was my alarm, I thought it was a joke.  My condo was pitch black with the beams from the CN Tower’s light show my only indication as to where I was and what was going on.  I remembered that I had, indeed, signed up for an early morning class, and peeled myself out of bed ecstatic that I had left my gym clothes, mat, and mat towel by the door ready to get up and go.

Moksha is 2 blocks from my place which is really handy that early in the morning.  I probably wouldn’t go if it were more than a 5 minute walk away simply because I don’t like bringing too much stuff – I don’t bring my cell phone as it’s not allowed in the studio, I’ve had too many coats stolen to actually leave one in an unsecured space, and a purse would just be too much of a hassle to lock up.  I reached the studio and began to set up my mat.  The early morning sessions have become a lot more popular, and in savasana I found myself nearly holding hands with the person next to me.  Awkward.  The class itself was ridiculously easy – theoretically.  The website describes it as:Moksha yoga is a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Moksha classes are intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. All classes on our schedule are based on this amazing series of postures!”  Having not practiced any kind of yoga in 9 months by ankles were very weak and my back was very tight.  I decided to take it easy and really focus on my technique rather than pushing myself to get well into different positions at the expense of a good foundation.  I’m starting back at square one and it feels good to move my muscles in a different way.  The last time yoga was a big part of my life was when I was working at a large-scale corporate chain/ event space where food was part of my comp plan and even though I tried to eat “healthy” I was probably about 10-15 lbs heavier than I am now.  Stress has a tendency to manifest itself into what I like to call a “belly tire”, and with what I was working with last go around you could have called me Michelin.  Today’s practice was easier to flow with my breathing, easier to move into the positions, and I didn’t find myself blinded by sweat like the last time.  I think having that weight off definitely helps me keep my focus, I’m just very stiff from the lifting and the means of cardio I’ve been working lately.  My balance (particularly in my ankles) will need to improve immensely over the next 30 days, and I’m certain that I’ll find my own flow.  Heck – maybe I’ll even take a flow class to push myself 😉

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